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With the WinnerOdds affiliate programme, you can win money simply by recommending WinnerOdds. If you share our website with someone who subscribes to one of our plans, you will obtain 50%* of his first payment.

At the moment, we are looking to enlarge our affiliates list. If you are interested in obtaining a very valuable passive income, with a very small time investment, this is of your interest.

How much can you win?:

*We will pay you:

50% of the net price (without VAT) of the monthly subscription.

25% of the net price (without VAT) of the biannual subscription.

Therefore, this is what you will earn:

Your profit of a monthly subscription: 40,90€.
Your profit of a biannual subscription: : 102,27€.

For instance, if 6 users subscribe through your links, 4 of them to monthly tennis subscription, and 2 of them to biannual tennis subscription, you would earn 368,14€

4 monthly subscription · 40,90€   = 163,60€
2 biannual subscription · 102,27€ = 204,54€

Total = 368,14€

One of the most interesting affiliates program of the Sports betting market.

Our affiliates have an average conversion of 4.6% per visitor. That means that, on average, if you send to WinnerOdds 1000 visitors, 46 of them would subscribe to the service, generating an income of 1501,67€ in a single month (VAT not included).

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The affiliates programme is run by Post Affiliate Pro, the most advanced software used to manage affiliates.

You are specially interested if…

There are many ways of earning money with the WinnerOdds affiliate programme.

If you do so, and thanks to your contact, we sign an agreement with that partner, it will be your “sub-affiliate”. Therefore, you will automatically earn a commision of every subscription, forever, without doing anything else. It sounds good to you, isn’t it? Write us and specify the details.

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It is very easy: Sign up now in the WinnerOdds affiliate programme and write a post, review or article about Value bets. Include your affiliate link and the more visitors you send us, the more money you will earn.

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Perfect! You will be interested in our conversion percentage! Write us and we will adapt our offer to your subscriptions volume. Besides, it will be great to promote a product that your clients will love, right? A product that will make them earn real money?

Don’t be boring with so many bookmakers and casinos advertisements and sell something that will really give value to your clients. It’s a win/win! Write us if you want to know more!

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We still have better agreements for partners that can send us a huge internet traffic. You have made a big effort this years to hold such a big internet traffic and we value that. Contact us and we will reach an agreement.

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  • Small communities like Facebook groups, telegram channels or discussion forums
  • You sell other products that can be of interest of the same clients
  • Webinars, investment courses
  • Social networks, advertisements or Youtube tutorials
  • Advertisement on Facebook or Google Adwords
  • Starting a new blog or website

The earnings compared to the invested time will be worth.

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What if I need stuff for the promotion?

We will provide you everything you need, just ask!

  • Banners of all shapes and sizes
  • Content about Value betting, Positive expected value methods and long-term results for your own articles
  • Screenshots of the website or historic results
  • Explanatory video.

and any other ideas you have!

You could earn up to 1501,00€/month every 1000 visitors making them earning money too

Because your old bookmakers banners stink a little bit, don’t you think? 😉