How to Use

How to use

How to Use WinnerOdds



When you activate your subscription, a welcome wizard will open and we will guide you through 6 simple steps in your onboarding process:

  1. Select your language preference. 
  2. Read “how to use WinnerOdds” page (this page).
  3. Set your Currency.
  4. Enter your Bankroll.
  5. Select your monitored bookmakers.
  6. Be sure to join the WinnerOdds private community on Telegram. Many common doubts are solved there very quickly.


The welcome wizard ends directly opening you the app.

And you are probably eager to start placing bets.

Don’t worry, it won’t take you more than a minute to understand it.

It is designed so that even your brother-in-law can use it.

The ODDS page shows all the recommendations for profitable betting displayed in their characteristic green boxes.

You have to make some adjustments and understand certain key concepts about the tool to make sure you use it to its fullest before you start placing bets.

The application’s optimum results are obtained if used correctly.

2.1. The Minimum Profitable Odds column

The MPO (Minimum Profitable Odds), calculated by our algorithm, shows us from which a bet has the EV+ (Positive Expected Value).

That is, from which will be a profitable bet.

At the Odds page we show you the Minimum Profitable Odd in the column with grey background located next to every forecast.

Besides that, WinnerOdds monitors and update all of the bookmakers’ odds for each event and records them to the right of the MPO.

So all odds found in any bookmaker above the MPO values are Profitable Odds.

When an active bookmaker’s odds is over the MPO, it is displayed in green as a signal for us to invest in that prediction.

Note: The odds are live and are updated every few minutes. When the green odds fall under the Minimum Odds, they automatically become red for us not to place bets, and the other way around.

We, at WinnerOdds, find profit and invest on odds starting at 1.083.

It is very important to remember that all bets that are displayed in green at WinnerOdds are profitable and you should place them.

The range does not matter.

The key to not care about what odds range to invest on is to understand that WinnerOdds is not predicting which player is going to win or lose.

What WinnerOdds is doing is to tell you which odds from which bookmakers are a profitable investment.

Place bets systematically on these Profitable Odd. You will profit in the long run, regardless of the odds range.

This is why you should always remember two things:

  1. Do not discriminate any bet for its odds range. All the odds that we display in green are profitable in the long run.
  2. Always place bets over the MPO. If you place a bet below the MPO, you are doing it under your own judgment and responsibility, and even though you may win some of the bets, in the long run you will lose against the bookmakers.

That’s for sure.

2.2. Stake or bet amount

WinnerOdds automatically calculates, using the Kelly Criterion, the stake that you have to invest on each bet.

Your bankroll, the bookmaker’s updated odds, and value found on the bet are taken into consideration when calculating the bet amount.

As shown in the example, the recommended bet amount is displayed below the bookmaker’s updated odds, and it is only displayed in the boxes with an odd over the MPO.

2.3. Choose always the best odds.

2.4. Place your bet in the bookmaker selected and save that stake.

To save the bet you go to the bookmaker, find the event, verify that the odds have not changed and bet the recommended amount.

Once the bet is placed, simply click on the SAVE button and it will be saved in your personal betting history.

This bet you just placed is displayed in yellow to remind you that you have already bet on this match.

And the bet amount is changed to € 0.

Note: Now you have TOTALIZED this bet, it is saved under the filter “Totalized” to differentiate them from the bets you are still to place.

If you want to see or edit a saved bet, simply activate the “totalized” filter and it will be displayed in yellow.

Saving the bets that you placed with the correct information is important for 2 main reasons:

  1. By checking the bets, you will see them already placed and it will keep you from making the same mistake again.
  2. Save the amounts that were bet so they are stored in your available personal WinnerOdds tracking tool.


What do I do if I get to the bookmaker and the match odd are lower?

Even though WinnerOdds updates the bookmakers’ odds every few minutes, during this time the odds may have changed.

If you go to the bookmaker and the match odds is lower compared to the amount on the Odds Page, edit the “Odds” field to the updated odds value the bookmaker is offering and you’ll see how the field “Amount” automatically updates to adapt the obtained profit to the expected value of the odds you just entered.

If the odds dropped below the MPO, the Pop-up menu will turn red to inform you NOT to place a bet.

If this happens, just do not place a bet and let this pick go. Don’t worry. There are many more to come.

2.5. Dynamic Minimum Profitable Odds

During the time since WinnerOdds detects the value bets and the beginning of the match, the market is active and takes into account the latest news that influences the odds, changing their value and generating new opportunities to invest in Value Bets.

With the main objective of getting advantage of that changes we noticed that, once we already had the probability calculated before the bookies, we could improve the system if the calculation of the Minimum Profitable Odds included all the information that we could obtain from the gambling market.

Applying this information, in some occasions the MPO may vary at some point in time for some events.

Thats what we call the Dynamic Minimum Profitable Odds that, starting from the initial value estimated by the WinnerOdds artificial neural networks, is updated continuously by including the new information from the market.

Note: In the few cases where you place a bet and after placing it the MPO goes up, we recommend not to cash out the bet.

You have more information about the dynamic MPO in this article: 



By default, email notifications are activated with your email registration.

But we recommend you download and activate Telegram app notifications.



4.1. Hidden bets

When activating this option, an eye is displayed at the event that you can use to hide whichever bet you want.

For example, if you place a bet that you have not completed and decide not to totalize that bet.

4.2. Bookmakers Without Monitored Odds

In addition to the monitored bookmakers, at WinnerOdds you also have the option to activate a series of NOT monitored bookmakers in your bookmakers panel.

We have no information on these Bookmakers’ odds but we have included them in the options for you to check the bets you place in them.

If you use any of these “no monitored” bookmakers to place your bets, activate them and you will be able to use it to save your bets by clicking on the “+” button displayed at the end of the bookmaker’s row.

Note: You can check the updated list of bookmakers monitored by WO at: 

4.3. Red bets filter

Where the odds drop, the event disappears from greens view in order not to disturb since bets cannot be placed.

Because of you can check and follow the evolution of this notifications, you will find all dropped bets here.

4.4. Odds actions graph of the forecast probabilities.

By clicking on the icon of the graph you will be able to see in a single screen the evolution of the odds in all bookmakers for that prediction.

You can use this information carefully but be confident in the method you are paying even if the odds go up from time to time 😉

4.5. Live filter - Live Betting

Note: WinnerOdds is not designed for live betting. If you are not familiar with the method we urge you to come back when you are sure you are using it correctly.

By activating the Live filter, you see all picks (green and red) that WinnerOdds has posted and that are being played live.

This option allows you to wait until the beginning of the match, when the odds tend to quickly change to try finding new chances.

In case you find a match scoring still at 0-0, where our player’s odds have increased their value and surpasses the MPO then you can stake.


  1. When a match starts, the live odds update is disconnected.
  2. Place bets only if the match is still at 0-0 (or if tied at 1-1 at the first set and there had been no breakpoints). If you bet under other conditions, you will be doing it in the dark, risking placing a bet while not having the information from the WinnerOdds method, whose calculations are based on pre-game information and do not take into account any variables or events from a live match.

And always remember NEVER to place a bet under the Minimum Profitable Odds (MPO)