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In the world of sports betting, just like in stock investing, it’s essential to have a solid financial plan that allows you to achieve your profit goals while controlling risks.

One of the principal pieces of that financial plan is having an appropriate “bankroll,” that is, the money you have available to bet.

At WinnerOdds, we put a lot of effort into controlling these risks, which is why we not only talk about the minimum bankroll, but also the recommended bankroll, which can sometimes be confused.

For that reason, in this article, we will explore the difference between the minimum bankroll and the recommended bankroll, and how to use each of them to maximize your profits in value sports betting.

Why we have minimum bankroll and recommended bankroll

Our goal is to help the WinnerOdds user understand what kind of investment is facing when decides to sign up for WinnerOdds. That’s why we offer both options, i mean, minimum bankroll to use the service, and the recommended one, with which you can get the most profits.

The minimum bankroll refers to the minimum amount of money needed to pay the subscription and also benefit from the tool.

And  the recommended bankroll is the amount of money that is recommended to be used to place bets in a value sports betting investment service. 

This amount is recommended because it has a better potential for generating significant profits. It’s not for only cover subscription.

It’s based on the risk/reward ratio and is the one that will help you maximize your profits.

How we calculate these bankroll

To do this, we use a tool that we created at WinnerOdds, which is an excel spreadsheet called “P-Value and Maximum Expected Drawdown.”

How can we calculate it ourselves?

To do this, we will take the average profit data per user from the last year in both sports

In the case of football, for the subscription cost to be 20% of the winnings, you would have to win around €195-200 in profits, and for that, you should have a bankroll of at least €5700.

In the case of tennis, for the subscription cost to be 20% of the winnings, you would have to win around €495-500 per month in profits, and for that, you should have a bankroll of at least €3,500.

Recommended bankroll: Calculation guide


It’s important to note that these calculations are just a guide and may change depending on future results. 

However, using the tool provided in the article is a good way to establish a solid financial plan and ensure that you have an adequate bankroll to achieve your desired goals.

It’s important to understand that WinnerOdds is a volume investment, meaning that the profits you can obtain from it, are highly dependent on the amount of money you put on game, so starting with a recommended bankroll ensures that you start directly on the podium of WinnerOdds users.

And remember, because it’s important to succes on WinnerOdds

Open as many betting accounts as you can, put in as much money as possible, and be patient during losing streaks.




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