Terms and conditions

1 General conditions of contract

1.1 Object and general conditions

These General Conditions of Contract (hereinafter, the General Conditions), together with any particular conditions established, govern the conditions for subscribing to the recommendation service in the area of sports betting provided via the website www.winnerodds.com (hereinafter, the Website or the Portal), owned by WINNERODDS, S.L. (hereinafter, WINNERODDS), with its corporate domicile at C/ Encarna Albarracín, no. 9-A-8a in Valencia, Spain, with Tax Code (CIF) B98789852, entered in the Companies Register of Valencia, Volume 10057, Book 7339, Sheet 145, Page V-168554.

Using the Website services, as well as subscription, suppose acceptance by the User, without any kind of reservation, of each and every one of these General Conditions. On registering with the Portal and using the services, your data as User will become part of the files of WINNERODDS and the processing of these data shall be in accordance with that established in the Privacy Policy, which the User declares he/she is expressly aware of and accepts.

WINNERODDS provides information regarding its services and offers the chance to subscribe via the Website. Anyone intending to make use of its services must have the status of “Registered User” or “Guest User”, acquired by completing the respective registration form prior to the subscription process and by following the steps subsequently communicated by WINNERODDS via the Website.
These General Conditions, together with the Legal Notice and the Privacy Policy (below) of the Website, are the only conditions applicable to use of the Portal and to subscribing to the service via the same, replacing any other conditions, except with prior agreement in writing between WINNERODDS and the User. Consequently, any User accessing the Website, registering and subscribing via the Portal accepts to be subject to and bound by the General Conditions, the Legal Notice and the Privacy Policy as worded at the time the Website is accessed.

Any User registering with the Website must be at least eighteen (18) years old.

The contract can only be executed in Spanish.

1.2 Information on the service offered

WINNERODDS is not a bookmaker. Consequently no bets can be placed via the Portal. WINNERODDS is a useful recommendation service for those who wish to place a sports bet via the internet, based on statistics calculated using the databases of WINNERODDS.

WINNERODDS provides a non-binding advisory service for Users in the area of sports betting comprising the following, under a monthly subscription:

  • Users are provided with the information listed below, available in the “Odds” section of the Portal.
    • Type of bet (winner, over/under, result, AH)
    • Recommended size of bet
    • Minimum odds below which no bet is recommended
    • Comparison of available bookmaker odds
  • Users are provided with statistical data regarding their activity in the area of sports betting.

The bet recommendations by WINNERODDS are based on its own statistics and databases and on sports results.

Recommendations are made in order to maximise the return on a specific reasonable risk. However, Users must be aware that past gains are no guarantee of future returns. Consequently, WINNERODDS is not liable for any information, recommendation or other data that result in Users making losing or mistaken bets.

Users registered with WINNERODDS therefore freely accept and assume the risk involved in the recommended investment with each of the bookmakers, it being the User who freely decides whether to place the bet with the corresponding bookmaker.

1.3 Subscription process for the service to be provided

To subscribe to the service offered, Users must create a Personal Account by completing the required fields on the WINNERODDS page for this purpose. The creation of an account does not entail, per se, subscription to the aforementioned services. Subscription shall start once the steps specified below are completed:

  • Select the subscription type on the “Plans” tab of the Website.
  • Complete the billing details.
  • If you are already a User, provide your previously used Username and Password. If you are a new User, enter the new Username and Password to be used. These data can be modified later on the “My account” tab.
  • If you have a discount voucher or invitation, click on “Click here to enter your code”, enter the code and click on the “Apply Voucher” button.
  • Complete payment via the Stripe platform integrated within the registration form located on the page: http://www.winnerodds.com/en/checkout.
  • Receive confirmation from WINNERODDS of the services taken out and in accordance with the General Conditions of Contract in force at the time you register as a User.
  • The service shall be deemed as provided once the User can access the “Odds” tab to read the recommendations available.

The Username, email address and password given to WINNERODDS are identifying elements that provide access to the service and these are personal and non-transferable. The Username, password and email address may be modified via “My Profile” in the “Modify Data” section.

Once the subscription process has been completed, WINNERODDS will send, to the email address provided by the User, an email confirming receipt of the order within twenty-four (24) hours after this has taken place. The confirmation of the order sent by WINNERODDS shall not be valid as an invoice but only as a receipt for payment of the subscription. The WINNERODDS Client Service Department will send the User the corresponding invoice within maximum thirty (30) days from the time the purchase is made.

Subscription is not associated with a specific number of recommended bets. WINNERODDS undertakes to provide a minimum of 100 recommendations per month. Should this minimum number of recommended bets not be met, WINNERODDS undertakes to prolong the subscription until this number is reached.

1.4 Price of the service

WINNERODDS offers the following types of subscription:

– Monthly: The price for the service is €79.00 or 99.00€ per month, including all applicable taxes (depending on the campaign/promotion in force at the time you subscribe to WINNERODDS). Discounts of limited use may be used, only applicable to the first subscription carried out.

– Biannually: The price for the service is €395.00 or 495.00€ every six months, including all applicable taxes (depending on the campaign/promotion in force at the time you subscribe to WINNERODDS). Discounts of limited use may be used, only applicable to the first subscription carried out.

WINNERODDS reserves the right to modify the prices shown on the Website at any time, with prior notice to already subscribed Users and their acceptance.

The modification of the rate shall only be applicable to the next fee when it comes due.

For new Users, the service shall be billed at the current price given on the Website at the time they subscribe.

Subscriptions shall be renewed automatically by WINNERODDS unless the User provides notice of the cancellation of the account or withdrawal of the subscription in accordance with section 6 of these General Conditions.

Once Users have unsubscribed they lose the right for the service fee price to be maintained. Should they subscribe again, this subscription shall be carried out at the price stipulated in the “Price” section at that time.

For prices not related to new User subscriptions to WINNERODDS, i.e. for all Complementary Subscriptions, the price shall vary according to the circumstances of the time. The price applicable to the complementary service or subscription shall be the one given by the Website at the time this is accessed by the User.

Users accept and agree that, should they not use the information provided monthly by WINNERODDS, this shall not entitle them to a refund or return of the fee, nor to any kind of complementary subscription, in part or in total, unless expressly specified otherwise.

1.5 Subscription process

The payment of the subscription shall be carried via the Stripe platform integrated within the registration form on the checkout page. For more information on this, consult https://stripe.com/es.

To make the payment, Users must follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

As an electronic payment system, WINNERODDS belongs to the e-commerce payment gateway. All data provided for this purpose are encrypted under the SSL protocol (Secure Socket Layers) to ensure maximum security.

Users must notify WINNERODDS, via info@winnerodds.com, of any undue or fraudulent charge made to the account provided as quickly as possible so that WINNERODDS can carry out the procedures deemed convenient.

1.6 Renewal of the subscription and withdrawal from the service

Subscriptions shall be renewed automatically by WINNERODDS. Users may consult the status of their subscription at any time in the “My account” section.

Users may:

1) Unsubscribe. Unsubscription entails the automatic interruption of the monthly or biannual renewal and Users will not be able to access the Website’s subscriber-only content (Odds and My history) once the subscription period has lapsed. Users can unsubscribe by completing and sending the form provided for this purpose on the “My account” page, Subscription section. Subscription may be restarted without the need to re-register, the Username and password remaining the same.

2) Cancellation of the account. Cancellation entails the elimination of the account. In order to restart the service, Users have to register again. Users can cancel by completing and sending the form provided for this purpose on the “My account” page, Subscriptions section. To definitively eliminate all personal data, Users must follow the procedure described in the Privacy Policy section.

Nevertheless, when a User unsubscribes or cancels their account, they can still make use of the WINNERODDS service until their last renewed subscription period lapses.

When Users unsubscribe or cancel their account, they lose the right to maintain the service fee price. Should they wish to subscribe again, this will be carried out at the price stipulated in the “Price” section at that time.

For the purposes of carrying out the aforementioned unsubscriptions and cancellations, Users should take into account how their subscription periods are calculated:

  • The calculation of the monthly period shall begin on the date the subscription occurs and shall end after 30 calendar days.
  • The calculation of the six-monthly period shall begin on the date the subscription occurs and shall be calculated date to date (e.g. a subscription taken out on the 5th of May will end on the 5th of November).

1.7 Cancellation of the subscription request by WINNERODDS

WINNERODDS reserves the right to reject, without being liable for any injury or damages, a previously accepted subscription request in cases such as those in the following list, which is merely for informative purposes and not exhaustive:

  • The billing details are incorrect or cannot be verified
  • The subscription request is deemed to be unusual or fraudulent
  • It is suspected that the applicant is not 18 years of age
  • It is suspected that bet recommendations will be distributed or sold to a third party.
  • It is suspected that the applicant is sharing passwords with third parties or allowing third party access, which is expressly prohibited by Winner Odds.
  • Evidence of use of any type of software that interacts with Winnerodds automatically.
  • Evidence of use of malicious software or exploits of any kind

The cancellation or closure of the account for these reasons would result in the loss of the amounts paid by the customer, which remain as a penalty as well as compensation for damages. 

1.8 Warning

Users must be aware that placing sports bets entails various risks. Placing bets with online bookmakers may result in financial losses or psychological damage. Consequently, Users must take into account the fact that any kind of bet is placed under their own liability.

WINNERODDS informs visitors to the Website, subscribers or any other User that any recommendations of bets, information or statistics published are provided solely for informative purposes. WINNERODDS does not guarantee the accuracy of any information from the Website. Visitors, subscribers or any other User of the Website confirm they have sufficient legal capacity and are aware that they alone are liable for their acts and decisions.

1.9 Modification of the General Conditions

WINNERODDS reserves the right to modify, at any time and without prior notice, the presentation and configuration of the Website as well as the General Conditions. Users shall always have these General Conditions in a visible place, freely accessible to consult as often as they wish.

Users shall be notified of any modification of these by means of a Pop-Up, which Users must previously access and accept the modifications made. Users undertake to carefully read these General Conditions any time they access the Website store. In any case, acceptance of the General Conditions shall be a prior essential step to taking out any product available via the Website.

1.10 Notices between WINNERODDS and the User

All communication between WINNERODDS and Users related to these General Conditions, to the subscription via the Website or to the Clarification of services offered or taken out shall be carried out in writing and in accordance with the communication procedures established in these General Conditions for each particular case.

For the rest of the events that are not expressly covered by these General Conditions, any communications which Users wish to send to WINNERODDS shall be sent to the WINNERODDS address specified in Condition One and shall be carried out in writing and via a system that allows the content and receipt by WINNERODDS of the corresponding communication to be certified.

1.11 Complaints and claims

WINNERODDS has the following email address (info@winnerodds.com) for Users to communicate any complaint or claim, indicating the concept “Complaints and claims” in the Subject line, which allows the content and receipt by WINNERODDS of the corresponding communication to be certified.

1.12 Confidentiality

The User agrees to consider and treat all bets recommended as strictly confidential from the time they are provided until the end of the match involved in the bet.
The User accepts not to disclose, directly or indirectly, or to permit the disclosure of all or part of the recommendations of bets to third parties or any other medium.

The User must take the appropriate measures to ensure strict and continued compliance of information confidentiality, for instance by always logging off when exiting public or shared devices.

WINNERODDS shall be entitled to claim damages from the User resulting from the User not complying with any of the obligations mentioned in the previous articles.

1.13 Integrity of the General Conditions

These General Conditions, the Privacy Policy (below), the Cookie Policy (below) and the Legal Notice constitute the express and only will of WINNERODDS and the User in relation to their object, and they annul and replace any other agreements or contracts, verbal or in writing, that may have previously been reached by the parties.

1.14 Partial annulment

Should any Clause of these General Conditions be declared null and void, it shall be removed or replaced. In any case, this declaration of annulment shall not affect the validity of the rest of the provisions contained in these General Conditions.

1.15 Applicable law and jurisdiction

These General Conditions are governed and interpreted in accordance with Spanish law.

Should there be any kind of discrepancy or claim between the parties related to the compliance or content of these General Conditions, the parties expressly renounce any jurisdiction they may be entitled to and agree to submit themselves to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Valencia.

2 Privacy policy

Pursuant to that established in Act 15/1999, of 13 December, on the Protection of Data of a Personal Nature (hereinafter, “LOPD”)  and its implementing regulations, we hereby inform you that the data you give us when you register at the website www.winnerodds.com (hereinafter, the “Portal”), as well as any data resulting from subscribing to the online recommendation service provided via the website, shall be incorporated into a file duly entered in the General Register of the Spanish Data Protection Agency, under the responsibility of WINNERODDS, S.L. (hereinafter “WINNERODDS”), with Tax Code (CIF) no. B98789852 and corporate domicile at C/ Encarna Albarracín, no. 6, 46025 in Valencia (Spain).

Unless specifically established otherwise, in the process of registration and subscription at www.winnerodds.com, all data requested from you are obligatory so that the omission of any data could make it impossible for us to provide you with the service requested and/or to attend to your requests. We ask you to notify us immediately of any modification in your data so that the information contained in our files is always up-to-date and does not contain any errors. In this respect, you declare that the information and data you provide us with are accurate, up-to-date and true.

Should the User select the box “Subscribe me to the Newsletter” provided for this purpose during the registration process, the User grants his/her express consent for his/her data to be processed by WINNERODDS or by third parties with which it has commercial agreements (e.g. Mailchimp) in order to send you commercial information on the services provided by WINNERODDS, on promotional offers and on the activities and services carried out by WINNERODDS, by post, email, text message or any other equivalent means of electronic communication, as well as for your data to be processed in order to carry out segmentations and/or to draw up profiles with identical promotional or advertising purpose, albeit adapted to your profile as a User of the WINNERODDS services.

Cancelling a personal account and/or unsubscribing does not result in the elimination of the User’s personal data or other statistical data regarding the User’s activity in the area of sports betting which could be accessed via the Portal. If the User wishes his/her data to be definitively eliminated, he/she must follow that established in point a) or b) below.

At any time, you may exercise your right to access, rectify, cancel or oppose, as well as to withdraw your consent for your data to be processed for commercial purposes. To this end, you can:

  1. a) Send written notice to WINNERODDS, S.L., C/ Encarna Albarracín, no. 6, 46025 in Valencia (Spain), enclosing a photocopy of your identity card or official document certifying your identity.
  2. b) Send an email to info@winnerodds.com specifying your Name, Surname(s), contact telephone number and a photocopy of your identity card or official document certifying your identity. Lastly, we inform you that WINNERODDS will process your data at all times with absolute confidentiality, upholding the mandatory duty of secrecy regarding these data, in accordance with that established in the applicable regulations, adopting for such purpose the necessary measures of a technical and organisational nature that guarantee the security of your data and prevent their alteration, loss, unauthorised processing or access, taking into account the state of technology, the nature of the data stored and the risks to which they are exposed.

The Cookie Policy, closely related to the Privacy Policy, now follows.

3 Cookie policy

WINNERODDS uses a technology called cookies on the website www.winnerodds.com (hereinafter the Website or the Portal).  

A cookie is a file that is downloaded into your equipment (computer or mobile device) in order to store data that may be updated and recovered by the entity responsible for its installation.

The cookies used by WINNERODDS on the Portal are associated with a user and their computer and do not contain the User’s personal data, nor can data on the User’s hard drive be read, nor can the cookie files created be read by other providers.

The cookies used by WINNERODDS on the Website are as follows:

Third party cookiesDescriptionDuration
WordPressTo keep the User logged on.14 days
Google AnalyticsProvides information to WINNERODDS on how Users use the Website, how they have reached it, the number of unique users and the duration of visits. In this way WINNERODDS can be more effective and introduce improvements to the Website which make it easier to locate and access by Users.Various cookies: 6 months

Users can configure, freely and at any time, their privacy parameters regarding the installation of cookies via their browser. These procedures are updated or modified by browser developers, so we cannot guarantee they are in accordance with the latest version available at any given time.

Should the User decide to deactivate all cookies, the quality and speed of the service may diminish.