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Arbitrage Betting: Risk-Free Profits? w/ Max from OddsJam

An arbitrage bet, or arb, in sports betting is when a bettor places 2+ bets on the same event using 2+ sportsbooks in order to lock in a risk-free return. Although this may sound too good to be true, it’s not! This is possible due to sportsbooks having different odds for the same event. Unlike […]

Max Davis 12.07.2021

Inside a ‘Winners Welcome’ Bookie w/ Tristan From Topsport

In 2021 is it possible to be a profitable bookmaker without aggressively limiting winning punters? The answer is yes. But it’s a whole lot harder. The targeting, profiling, and limiting of winning bettors is getting more brazen each passing year, being a successful bettor has become just as much about your ability to stay under […]

Jake Windram-Ashby 06.03.2021

No Limit Bookmakers: Bookies That Don’t Limit Accounts 2021

Having your betting account limited is a frustrating inevitability for profitable sports bettors. A ‘no limit bookmaker’ would be a godsend. Well.. ask and you shall receive. They do exist. Personally, I think it’s pretty poor form to cut someone off for winning. Shouldn’t the possibility of losing be inherent in any company that’s built […]

Jake Windram-Ashby 13.01.2021

How to Become A Sports Trader w/ Harout Massoyan

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to professional sports betting. Is it a daily grind, or is it passive and algorithmic? Do you wait and pick your spots, or do you attack the market aggressively? The answer: all of the above. From tipsters to machine learning algorithms, matched bettors to sports traders; […]

Jake Windram-Ashby 12.12.2020

How To Get Your Betting Account Unrestricted

Having your profitable betting account restricted is demoralising. In my view, it’s also unethical. Well, we found a loophole, check this out… Now, this article is specifically about beating the system; a how-to article on how our own @Miguel_Figueres was able to get unrestricted. For methods to sidestep getting restricted at all, check this out […]

Jake Windram-Ashby 21.11.2020

Betting Exchanges: Why You Should Use Them (If You Can)

Betting Exchanges – The way to cut out greedy bookies and bet purely against other punters. What’s not to love, right? So, why is so much more money being pumped into bookmakers pockets than is being circulated in the exchange? Let us explain why exchanges matter and why you should use them (if you can). […]

Jake Windram-Ashby 26.09.2020

How I Beat 888Sport In Court (And Got Paid)

We’ve known for some time we can beat the bookies in the markets, but now we know we can also beat them in court. Let me tell you the story of how 888Sport thought they could cancel my winning bet. I fought them, beat them, and a court ordered them to pay the full $1500 […]

Miguel Figueres Moreno 29.08.2020

Are Betting Account Limits Illegal?

If you are here then there is a good chance you have been the victim of a betting account limitation or restriction.  Just for being a profitable sports bettor. It sucks but we deal with it, we move on. It’s just part of investing in sports betting. But it shouldn’t be. Getting restricted purely because […]

Jake Windram-Ashby 28.07.2020

Closed Doors Matches – Does The Lockdown Affect Sports Betting?

The lockdown has had an impact on every part of our day to day lives, Sport and Sports Betting are no exception. So how does it affect the sports themselves, our betting habits, and the bookmakers’ reactions? We all know about the home ground advantage. It affects odds and it affects our betting and probabilities […]

Jake Windram-Ashby 24.07.2020