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Inside a ‘Winners Welcome’ Bookie w/ Tristan From Topsport

In 2021 is it possible to be a profitable bookmaker without aggressively limiting winning punters? The answer is yes. But it’s a whole lot harder. The targeting, profiling, and limiting of winning bettors is getting more brazen each passing year, being a successful bettor has become just as much about your ability to stay under […]

Jake Windram-Ashby 06.03.2021

No Limit Bookmakers: Bookies That Don’t Limit Accounts 2021

Having your betting account limited is a frustrating inevitability for profitable sports bettors. A ‘no limit bookmaker’ would be a godsend. Well.. ask and you shall receive. They do exist. Personally, I think it’s pretty poor form to cut someone off for winning. Shouldn’t the possibility of losing be inherent in any company that’s built […]

Jake Windram-Ashby 13.01.2021

Best Betting Exchange: Full Guide For 2021

The rise of betting exchanges over the last decade has opened the punting world up to a sea of new systems, new ways to bet, and new profitable opportunities. But which is the best betting exchange? I’ll guide you through the list and tell you who comes out on top! I have just read surely […]

Jake Windram-Ashby 06.01.2021

How To Get Your Betting Account Unrestricted

Having your profitable betting account restricted is demoralising. In my view, it’s also unethical. Well, we found a loophole, check this out… Now, this article is specifically about beating the system; a how-to article on how our own @Miguel_Figueres was able to get unrestricted. For methods to sidestep getting restricted at all, check this out […]

Jake Windram-Ashby 21.11.2020

Betting Exchanges: Why You Should Use Them (If You Can)

Betting Exchanges – The way to cut out greedy bookies and bet purely against other punters. What’s not to love, right? So, why is so much more money being pumped into bookmakers pockets than is being circulated in the exchange? Let us explain why exchanges matter and why you should use them (if you can). […]

Jake Windram-Ashby 26.09.2020

Best UK Betting Sites 2020

In many ways, the United Kingdom was the first country to really popularise and integrate sports betting into mainstream culture. The still constantly growing UK betting landscape leaves us with plenty of options! With new bookmakers seemingly popping up weekly and big players like Ladbrokes dating all the way back to 1886, there’s plenty to […]

Jake Windram-Ashby 01.08.2020

Worlds Best Bookmakers: Best Betting Sites In The World

After years of betting in different countries, with different bankrolls, on different sports, and with different goals; I feel like I am now in a position to do a deep dive into what I think the best bookmakers are. Yes, the best betting sites in the world. Strap in! There are so many variables that […]

Jake Windram-Ashby 23.07.2020

Australian Bookmakers: Best Australian Betting Sites 2021

Updated October 2020 – BetEasy removed, TopSport added Australia loves to bet. Like, really loves to bet. But due to government regulations, the amount of bookmakers has gone down, but the demand has gone up. Now more than ever we need to know who really tops the list of Best Australian Betting Sites. Well, here […]

Jake Windram-Ashby 10.03.2020