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Best Australian Betting Sites 2020

Australian Bookmakers

Australia loves to bet. Like, really loves to bet.

But due to government regulations, the amount of bookmakers has gone down, but the demand has gone up. Now more than ever we need to know who really tops the list of Best Australian Betting Sites. Well, here you go…

In 2016, new Australian online betting laws were introduced, international bookmakers were forced to get licensed in Australia or risk some hefty fines. Many decided it wasn’t worth it and banned Australian users.

But no need to panic, Australia retained some great online bookmakers and other new Australian betting sites have stepped up to the plate.

Here we will review our top Australian bookmakers and compare our picks for the best Australian betting sites!


Ladbrokes Review

Ladbrokes Homepage Interface

Ladbrokes entered the Australian market in 2013 after being a staple of UK sports betting for a long time. They have had massive growth in the Australian sports betting market over recent years with strong media campaigns and an emphasis on Australian football.

Ladbrokes has built a reputation for having excellent promotions while covering a wide range of sports. With new ‘odds boost’ and ‘money-back’ promotions daily, there is certainly money to be made when used correctly, If they don’t ban you from promotions.

The interface is clear and easy to navigate with an emphasis on current promotions. The app also performs quickly, overall the user experience is near perfect. Solid odds and ease of use make Ladbrokes a great option!


  • Easy to navigate
  • Excellent promotions
  • Wide range of markets


  • Quick to ban users from promotions
  • Have been known to limit successful accounts

Check them out here —

Bet365 Review

Bet365 Homepage Interface

Based in the UK and founded in 2000, Bet365 is the world’s most active bookmaker as well as one of the most used Australian bookmakers. With an ever-growing number of markets and highly competitive odds across the board, it isn’t hard to see why many users choose Bet365 as their primary Australian bookmaker!

With a simple and ‘business-like’ interface Bet365 doesn’t try to be flashy. Instead of all the bells and whistles, you’ll find on some other major Australian betting sites, here you just have simplicity and functionality.

What they lack in promotions they make up for with a clinical, accessible and wide-ranging betting experience; while maintaining excellent odds across the board.


  • Top of the industry odds
  • Huge range of markets
  • Quick to publish markets
  • Simple Interface


  • Very few promotions compared to Australian competitors
  • Have been known to limit successful accounts

Check them out here —

BetEasy Review

BetEasy Homepage Interface

BetEasy(Formerly Crownbet) has become one of the biggest players in Australia. Owned by the London-based William Hill they run a big operation and run it well.

They have a massive catalogue of markets while also maintaining very competitive odds. They include some really lucrative promotions and from my experience take longer to ban players from promotions than some other Australian bookmakers.

It has become necessary for all bookmakers to create a clean, clear user experience with a functional mobile app and BetEasy are no exception.

While many bookmakers include some form of live-streaming; BetEasy and their constant Sky Racing stream is a highlight among horse racing fans.


  • Lots of markets
  • Sky Racing live streams
  • Competitive odds
  • Easy to navigate
  • Quick to publish markets


  • Have been known to limit successful accounts

Check them out here —

Sportsbet Review

Sportsbet Homepage Interface

Established in 1993, Sportsbet was Australia’s first licensed bookmaker. They have set the benchmark to which all other Australian bookmakers are compared and boast more users than any other Australian Bookmaker, no list of best Australian Betting Sites would be complete without them. With no signs of slowing down, Sportsbet is a behemoth in the bookmaker battles.

Sportsbet is the great all-rounder, with competitive odds, endless promotions and a big range of markets; you will not be left wanting.

The interface is simple, easy to navigate and translates well to its smartphone app. It’s no surprise that many Australian sports bettors started on Sportsbet and haven’t left since!


  • Clear interface
  • Lucrative and constant promotions
  • Wide range of markets


  • Have been known to limit successful accounts

Check them out here —

Betfair Review

Betfair Homepage Interface

Betfair is the odd one out in this comparison, in that it’s a betting exchange rather than a traditional bookmaker. In simple terms, this means you can bet against other punters rather than directly against the bookmaker. Follow this link to read more about how betting exchanges work, from Betfair themselves –

Betfair has built a huge user base of seasoned sports bettors trying to get away from account limiting bookmakers. You cannot be limited on Betfair. Huge plus!

You won’t find many promotions on Betfair and you may find the interface tricky at first. However, if you are serious about your sports betting it is worth the time, Betfair can be extremely lucrative.


  • Player vs Player rather than Player vs Bookmaker
  • No limiting of accounts
  • Ability to ‘Lay’


  • Can be a learning curve
  • Limited promotions

Check them out here —

PointsBet Review

Pointsbet Homepage Interface

The new kid on the block, Pointsbet popped up in Australia just a few years ago. Since that time they have made some waves with industry-leading promotions and media campaign with Ex NBA stars like Allen Iverson and Chris Bosh.

Clearly trying to explode into a strong online sports betting industry they have emphasised Australian sports and lead the pack with total Australian Football markets. While also introducing a new ‘Spread Betting’ format that can be read about here

With the simplest interface in the market, they certainly want to make the promotions the focal point. So far Pointsbet has made all the right moves and is certainly one to watch.


  • Extremely simple layout
  • Top of the industry promotions
  • Innovative new markets


  • Quick to ban from promotions
  • Have been known to limit successful accounts

Check them out here —

Best Australian Betting Site – Verdict

The clear winner for us here at WinnerOdds is….


With the best odds across the board, the most markets and the fact that they publish their markets faster than of the other Aussie Betting Site; It was a clear victory.

Promotions are great and can certainly be fruitful, however, for the long term successful sports bettor, consistently competitive odds become a much more important factor over time.

We always advise taking advantage of as many bookmakers as you can, comparing odds and getting the most you can out of every betting opportunity across the board. However, if you are looking for the single Best Australian Betting Site; we confidently say it is Bet365.

Think we’re wrong? Let us know in the comments, or call us out on Twitter. We’re ready!


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