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Why Write With Us?

Value Betting Blog is an independent website focused on helping punters become successful and profitable bettors over the long-term.

We are looking for writers who propose new or updated content centred on the world of sports betting; people who want to share their knowledge and help add value for readers, the content could include:

  • Value betting strategies and methods used to extract value from the markets.
  • Data science applications, machine learning, artificial intelligence and software programming.
  • Bookmakers information, updates and reviews.
  • Have anything else you think can add value? Send us a proposal!

If you like writing and have knowledge about sports betting that you would like to share with the world, read on.

What’s in it for you?

  1. Publishing on The Value Betting Blog will give you a platform to reach a wider audience with assistance from a specialist editorial and media team.
  2. You’ll have the full rights to your content. Editing, modifying or deleting your content will be at your own discretion, forever.
  3. Every article you contribute will include a full signature with a bio, social media links and picture/logo.
  4. In addition to publication on the blog, your article will be sent to our private list of readers through the newsletter with a brief presentation of yourself included.
  5. We will share your article for several months on our Twitter channel. We will mention your twitter account and encourage the participation of the betting community.
  6. We will design, in line with the style of the blog, a custom header/feature image for your article.
  7. Even if your English isn’t perfect, don’t worry. We can help edit the texts with you and translate your article into the multiple languages of our audience at The Value Betting Blog.
  8. As long as the content complies with our policy of quality and impartiality, you are free to put links you deem useful to external pages to help illustrate your article.
  9. Our experienced editors will work directly with you to find, edit and publish first-class content.
  10. We will give you feedback on your writing style, tone, presentation and grammar so that you can publish the best possible version of your own article.


Can I pay to get published?

No, we don’t allow sponsored posts.

What kind of advertising or sponsored content do you allow?

We don’t allow any advertising or sponsored posts.

Do you pay authors for content articles?

No, we don’t. At the moment our model is that of a free resource to benefit our audience.

However, the authors retain 100% of the rights to their work.

If the time comes for us to monetize this website by including advertising that aligns with our values and integrity at The Value Betting Blog, authors would be paid 100% of the income generated by the pages where their articles are published.


1. Under no circumstances will we allow content that is copied, plagiarised or lacks journalistic integrity.
You can, of course, draw on the information of others to enhance your article while citing the source.
We use tools to detect plagiarism.

2. All external links will contain the attribute rel:nofollow
We don’t want The Value Betting Blog to become a link farm. We are a resource to provide information that we are passionate about, if your only intent is backlinks then we suggest you look elsewhere.

3. We aren’t a platform for you to advertise your unproven tipping services or betting groups. All strategies, systems and assessments you make must be backed by experience and the law of numbers.

4. Your content must stay within the confines of the law. Any content that advocates illegal betting activity or cheating will not be published.

5. Our aim is purely to educate. Any content that lacks integrity and we deem unethical will not be published on The Value Betting Blog.

How to publish at The Value Betting Blog

Check out our guidelines and fill out the form below. Tell us what topic you want to write about on The Value Betting Blog and what your experience is with that topic.

We encourage you to attach other projects you have already published or written yourself, your CV, your LinkedIn profile or anything else that helps us to verify the quality and objective of your work.

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If this project aligns with your own work and you would like to support us financially you can become a sponsor.

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We will also show your label in the footer of all communications in our newsletter.

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