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What Is A Bookmaker?


A bookmaker is a person or organisation that offers betting odds on certain events. Their job is to set the odds for an event, then receive and pay-out bets depending on the outcome. 

Bookmakers come in many forms, some operate purely online, some operate only in betting shops or at sports events, and others do both.

What Does Bookmaker Mean?

When betting became common practice in 18th century England, the process was quite informal, due to the lack of organisation arguments often ensued. To remedy this, more formal businessmen and organisations began to diligently record their bets as they took them, in a book.

The person taking the bets would record and ‘make a book’ of the event. The industry rapidly evolved and they came to be known by the term ‘Bookmaker’. Often abbreviated to ‘Bookie’.

Biggest Bookmakers

The bookmaker industry is cutthroat. The sports betting industry as a whole is worth approximately 150 billion dollars worldwide per year. Huge marketing budgets, regular competitor takeovers, and growing competition mean only the best survive.

Coming out on top you’ll find Bet365, Unibet and Bwin with the largest market share. And plenty nipping at their heels.

Which Bookmaker Is The Best?

It is hard to give a definitive answer on this.. but we have tried:

Worlds Best Betting Sites

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We are constantly expanding, let us know which bookmakers or which countries betting sites you would like to get the low-down on, we will endeavour to do a write up for you!

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