Why people fail to use WinnerOdds properly



If you’re reading this, you’ve probably not obtained the expected results with WinnerOdds. Maybe you just started using the tool and are looking for answers after a rough start.

Perhaps you’ve even heard things such as, “This service is worthless. I’ve used it for a week and made no profit”, and thoughts like “Are low odds really profitable? A single loss forces me to win many in a row to compensate” might’ve run through your head.

So, let me explain a few things to you.

In this article, we’ll attempt to bring to the table the reason why certain users fail to use WinnerOdds properly, and we’ll do so by showing you real user results so that at a glance, you can determine if this is for you.

The 4 reasons why people fail to use WinnerOdds

1. Temper your expectations (don’t get ahead of yourself)

A cold-headed reflection I’d first like to bring up is that everything in life is a matter of expectations. They are a powerful actor that play on our perception and response to all stimuli. Like when the person you like replies to your message or leaves you on read; the expectations generated in every situation are entirely dependent on the outcome.

In our case, when an investor comes across a product like ours, they’re buying into the initial expectations.

Which, if not very realistic, will likely lead to disappointment. Meanwhile, if they’re sensible, it’ll be more likely to feel satisfied and accomplished with the result.

The ones of us with the experience gathered after years in this field know that, by making proper use of WinnerOdds, you can duplicate a medium-sized bankroll in a few months, and that’s something you’ll hardly see in a conventional inversion.

And precisely so that you can gauge what to expect from our system, on our site we have what we call the “Average user history”.

Basically, it’s the average of what our users have made over time, and what you can expect to experience.

Average user results in the past 365 days

Why people fail to use WinnerOdds properly

You’re free to take a look by yourself and play with different time ranges

Tennis history

Football history

And if there’s anything you don’t understand, or you aren’t sure where certain data is being taken from, here’s an explanation on how everything is calculated and the best way to interpret it:

How the average user result history works

So, as illustrated by the image above, the average user always makes profit in the long term. The one that does things right—the one that knows how to use our tool—obtains benefits in the long run.

With that said, it’s possible to lose money in a limited timeframe.

In fact, if we look at the WO Tennis data, which is the sport that’s been the longest-running making profit, we can see that 25% of new users are likely to lose money in the short term.

Or, in other words, that 75% of new users make profit in the first month, and that’s taking the subscription fee into account

The expectation at play is making money, but not without putting in the required effort and time, as if you were making a fixed-term deposit.

It’s not so seamless. Sorry about that.

Investing in sports betting is more so like performing a long-distance race, and certainly much more like a marathon than a sprint.

2. The investor’s impatience (WinnerOdds is not a fixed-term deposit)

If you’ll be worn out after using a system like WinnerOdds for two weeks, maybe this isn’t for you. Save on the subscription fee and look elsewhere.

One of the strongest points of WinnerOdds is that you can obtain very positive results months down the line—after thousands of picks.

That isn’t unusual in the slightest.

But it’s not designed to make use of it in short bursts. Variance is too wild.

Now, even if you’re realistic about your expectations, do things properly, and know where you’re at, the long-term results you’re looking for might sometimes take longer to show themselves.

At WinnerOdds, we tend to refer to the 1000-pick threshold as the point from which your results will be less marred by chance and where you’ll start to have a deeper understanding of the potential of the system.

“The long term is closer to the 5000-pick mark than the 1000 one”

At Betworking 2017, this matter was explained in great accuracy, and even though many years have passed, the foundations haven’t changed.

*If you don’t understand spanish, add subtitles 🙂

I’m a faithful advocate of the notion that building up wealth in the long term is deeply related to patience and perseverance. In every successful case using WinnerOdds, maintaining effort and discipline over time has been the defining factor.

The takeaway here is clear:

If you’re gonna demand good results before reaching the long-term mark, your impatience is unfit for this tool.

3. Low adapting prowess (If you don’t even know how to change your profile picture, run)

Investing in sports betting is an ever-changing world. Bookmarkers are private companies that seek their own benefit, so when they spot users who make them lose money, they spare no efforts to try to shut them down.

This sets off many considerations to look out for when you’re gonna place a bet, and you need to be ready to adapt to them.

I can think of a number, like modifications at the time of placing your bets, interface changes, constant alterations in the terms, and the fickleness of certain markets.

Essentially, if you’re not clued into the rules of the game and are a fossil unable to distinguish between Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, I’m in the obligation to tell you that you won’t be fit for this.

If you’re not adaptive and keen, new trends will leave you behind. In the world of investing in sports betting, just like in the real world, you need to be attentive to grasp on to new opportunities.

4. Not following the right methodology (if you’re paying me, do as I say)

The kind of user that understands the philosophy behind WinnerOdds knows that success lies in mindlessly enacting what the system commands.

I believe it’s worth it to break some mental barriers if you want to make it big in this field.

Beating the market isn’t our fight. We’ll leave that to gurus and the like.

You sign up to WinnerOdds to comply with the system and to place the maximum number of EV+ bets you can. It’s really this simple, and we have hundreds of users who can corroborate it.

The algorithm is programmed to instruct you without forcing you to make a decision. It gives you the match, minimum odds, odds for all available bookmarkers, and even the amount of money to bet as per your bankroll. All of this in real time, straight to your phone with no delay.

Despite that, the amount of bias comprised in our decision-making generates many roadblocks. Be it loss aversion, confirmation bias, the anchoring effect, availability bias, or any from the long list. They all make us susceptible to making wrong decisions based on our beliefs and judgment.

Examples from real users

Like I promised at the start, we’ll look at real, flesh-and-blood user results, like you and me, to run through examples of positive and negative results, and most of all, good and bad uses of the tool.

No tricks.

Total transparency.

As you might know, at WinnerOdds, we’re very mindful of providing our users with transparent and up-to-date information.

We care to explain the inner workings of our methodology and have a global history log as well as a user average one. So, not only do we have a history record, but two.

We’re available virtually every day in our communities, emails, and socials. We answer questions, keep track of matters, and provide our users with direct and unfiltered information.

All in all, we make sure to attend to all concerns and doubts that might arise from a product like ours, which we know can feel a little imposing at first. We also like it when you share screenshots of your results, as well as showing them to the world ourselves when we see fit.

1. The WinnerOdds users’ yin and yang

First, we’ll look at the case of a user who’s been with us for over 2 years—since 2020—and is very well aware of what’s up.

In fact, if you look at the end of the graph, you’ll appreciate a bit of flattening from the moment they started to experience the first bookmarker limitations onwards.

Why people fail to use WinnerOdds properly

The second one is an example of how NOT to use WinnerOdds.

A user that, during the same period as the first one (nearly subscribed for 2 years), places 70% of their bets during live matches and below our Minimum Profitable Odds. The results are as you’d expect.

Why people fail to use WinnerOdds properly

If you ask the first user, I’m sure they’ll tell you that WinnerOdds rocks or that it’s been their best purchase relating to the sports betting world.

Maybe they’ll say that they paid their wedding off with the profit (this is a real case…), or that they bought a motorcycle with it (happened too!)

If you talk to the latter, they’ll likely claim that the product is a scam, total trash, and that the only ones making money are us, with the subscription money.

2. The stoic user

This is a favorite of ours, because it shows that if you persevere through an EV+ system, the prize will be waiting for you when you least expect it.

There’s a chance the journey will contain flat periods and drawdowns, which will surely put you and your mental fortitude to the test 🙂

The question you should ask yourself is:

Would you be willing to withstand a slow start and a serious nosedive to reach the holy grail at last?

It’s not about trivializing the problems or acting as if they don’t exist, but rather about seeing them from the correct perspective.

Why people fail to use WinnerOdds properly

WinnerOdds is a volume-intensive product, so if you don’t place enough bets, don’t have many available bookmarkers, or your bankroll is low, your results won’t be optimal.

Here are a few examples so you can see for yourself.

3. Well-conducted user with low volume

This one’s a classic.

Here we can see that, after over 3 years with us, despite amassing some winnings, they could’ve done things much better.

They have a low volume of picks (under 8/day), and at the end of the day, their yield is harmed by variance and bookie limitations.

In an EV+ system, the more money you bet, the more you win.

Why people fail to use WinnerOdds properly

4. Well-conducted user with a bankroll lower than recommended

Staggering graph, many available bookmarkers, and a decent number of daily picks, but with a bankroll under €1000, they’ve only made €4000 after two years despite having made 600 units back

Far from reaching the expected potential merely due to an unfitted bankroll.

Why people fail to use WinnerOdds properly

5. The impatient user

This one’s another classic.

The user who starts using the tool at a bad time, and after the initial picks, comes to the conclusion that this simply doesn’t work.

It’s likely not only a matter of impatience, but also mistaken expectations about what investing in sports betting is like and the way our product works.

It’s also the perfect example of the aforementioned technologically inept user who will hardly find success in their investments. Not in WinnerOdds… or really anywhere 🙂 

Why people fail to use WinnerOdds properly


If you struggle with keeping your cool, this isn’t a product for you.

If you’re technologically illiterate, and believe that the world will stop for you while you make money at your desk after pressing a dollar-sign button, this isn’t for you either.

If you subscribe to a service like WinnerOdds just to ignore the indications of use, please spare yourself the hassle too.

If you sign up because you expect money to fall from the sky effortlessly, fat chance.

But there’s good news. If none of these apply, you’re in luck. You’re ready to make good use of your money by investing in the sports betting market, and as an added bonus, to make money by use of an AI, which is very hip these days.

WinnerOdds is in its seventh year being a running, profitable service in the sports betting world.

After more than 8 million Euros of overall profit, there are still users who sign up and don’t make anything back.

Neither WinnerOdds as a company, nor I, can guarantee winnings.

It’d be a pretty irresponsible lie.

But we do know that we’re offering a system that has consistently outplayed the bookmarkers in the long run, and that by following the recommended steps of use, which even I still follow to this day, you’ll be on your way to following the path of every winning user.

Truth be told, I’ve never understood the motivations of the user who purchases a subscription and then follows their own rules. History dictates that rarely goes well.

Trust us: it’s more common than you’d think.

It’s paramount for the investor to be aware of these common mistakes before taking their first step of the journey.

One of the top measures to take is to prioritize critical thinking, reflecting on your ways of analyzing matters, and going the extra step to understand everything that surrounds us, including the information given in this article.

A good way to understand the philosophy behind WinnerOdds is by ingraining into your mind our

-> “10 commandments” 

You’ll also soak our customs up if you visit our Twitter, Discord, or sign up to our newsletter.

Lastly, if you’re a good reader and want to reach a profound understanding of how our system works, the way the sports betting market operates, and are interested in learning from a full outlook on everything sports-betting related, we have an easy-to-read ebook that will turn you into an expert!

-> Download the ebook for free

Anyway, I believe there’s nothing else for me to share—everything I know is fitted in this text. I’d like to end things off with a final thought that might discourage you a little, though…

If your intention is to make a quick buck from your comfortable sofa without playing your part, we’re sorry to say that we can’t help you.

Best wishes to all of you,

Miguel Figueres


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