WO 10 Rules

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These are the 10 ‘rules’ that we Winners know and follow for our own benefit.


No WinnerOdds member talks about "bets"

At WinnerOdds we talk about investments. We invest money in profitable odds using a Positive Expected Value (EV+) approach.


No WinnerOdds member talks about luck

At WinnerOdds we DO NOT believe in luck nor bouncing around to win money. We believe in daily work, match by match, pick by pick.


WinnerOdds members talk about Profitable Odds

Benefits are not what is important. What is important is to bet a reasonable amount on Profitable Odds. This is the only possible strategy to consistently make money over time. Embracing this concept is the best benefit one can achieve.


No match is over until the match point is won. We never close a bet

The system uses pre-match information only. Bets are placed before the match begins. It lasts until the match point is won. We never close a bet nor need to watch the matches live. Investments are made in cold blood, using the best information available.


We always place bets over the recommended MPO - Minimum Profitable Odds

The most important rule is to always place bets over the Minimum Profitable Odds (MPO). It sets the limit from where to invest in an odds.


The long term begins after 1000 bets

WinnerOdds profitability is not calculated by days or weeks worth of data. It is calculated long-term by a large number of picks. As at the Stock Market, no money is won or lost until the entire transaction is closed and no more bets are placed.


The time and money we spend on the application is a productive leisure investment

We only invest money we have to spare. We never sacrifice or neglect our sleep, work, family, or school.


There is no such thing as a winning or losing streak

A winning or losing streak lasts for as long as it has to. It has nothing to do with the past and it doesn’t affect the future.


We make EV+ decisions, no matter the result

A bet is either won or lost. The decision to have invested in an odd with a Positive Expected Value is always a decision well-made and should not affect at all future transactions.


If you are new to WinnerOdds, bet on the green odds

Place bets systematically and without any doubts on the green odds to get the results you want in no time.

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No hacemos descuentos, ni publicidad, ni vendemos tu alma al diablo, ni te vamos a molestar con aburridos correos.

No nos gusta caer mal al personal.

Do you like to win? Don't think twice​

When statistics play in your favor, winning is inevitable.