Free Resources

Free Resources

If you’re looking to improve your betting there’s a wealth of excellent content here that can help you on your way.

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Free Resources

How to beat the bookies​

Free Ebook

Discover the necessary concepts to invest in sports betting with this essential reading.

Identifies profitable systems. Differences between recreational bettors and investors. Learn how to invest in value bets.

Value Betting Blog

WinnerOdds Educational Betting Side Project

For the absolute beginner to the 20+ year pro, The Value Betting Blog content will range from the basics to the most advanced concepts.

Free Resources
Free Resources

Probability of Lose after N bets

Do you want to know what is the probability of winning or losing after N bets?

Nothing will help you more to understand the importance of not judging a system as good or bad on small samples.

Drowdown Tool

Risk Manager Tool

Here an advanced betting simulation. A calculator that shows the efficacy of any betting system based on a few basic metrics.

Enjoy it.

Free Resources
Free Resources

Maximum Expected Drawdown

P-Value and Drawdown Calculator

Attention. This resource is not for amateurs.

In this entry you can find an Excel spreadsheet to calculate the values of:

  • P-Value: The probability of a sports betting yield being a result of luck.
  • Expected Maximum Drawdown: The average drawdown of a series of bets.

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