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Before writing to us, please check if your question is answered below.

General Information

No. You don’t have to place all bets to obtain a return.

Each user places as many as they can.

However, the more value bets placed the better because, when using a positive profitability method, the greater the number of +EV bets, the less the effect of variance and the quicker the long-term is achieved.

No. WinnerOdds works on the basis of a statistical system that uses Neural Networks (Artificial Intelligence) and is optimised to achieve the best possible results with a controlled risk.

This means that WinnerOdds is built to be profitable without you having to make any decisions.

WinnerOdds gives you specific forecasts for a game with Minimum Odds (No bet under) and you simply have to go to the bookmaker offering the best odds and bet the amount that WinnerOdds tells you to.

It’s that easy.

When a bookmaker offers a game with odds that have a high profit margin, it is possible that many other bettors have realised this and have bet quickly on those odds.

To compensate for this, bookmakers also quickly lower the odds so that they can continue to earn with their margin.

This is what we mean when we say that the odds of the bookmakers are live (they go up and down) and at WinnerOdds we show them with updates every few minutes so that you can always bet with the bookmaker offering the best odds.

But, if, when you are going to place a forecast bet, the odds of the available bookmakers have dropped below the Minimum Odds, we simply DO NOT bet (No bet under).

It doesn’t matter if you miss a forecast.

Many more will be released or it may be that those odds go back up and you may find them later with other bookmakers.

At WinnerOdds, when the odds fall below the Minimum Odds, we show them in red (no bet under) to remind you not to bet.

If you were to bet below the Minimum Odd, you would be losing your advantage over the bookmakers.


To determine each bet size, we use an adaptation of the mathematical formula known as the KELLY CRITERION, which is a form of Stake Variable depending on the value found in each bet. Basically, this means that the WinnerOdds method automatically calculates the bet size so that, if you win a bet, you win depending on the value (or profitability) that we find on each bet in particular.

When betting, we should assume that all the bankroll is being risked.

WinnerOdds has calculated that the probability of losing more than 50% of your bankroll is very small, in the order of 0.1%, which is similar to getting 10 “heads” in a row with a coin (very very difficult).

On WinnerOdds, we find value and bet from odds of “1.083” It is very important to keep in mind that all the bets that appear on WinnerOdds are profitable bets.

Their range does not matter.

The key, so that the range betting odds does not matter to you, is to understand that WinnerOdds is not predicting which player will win, but how likely they are to do so.

WinnerOdds tells you which bookmakers’ odds are a long-term profitable investment.

This can be seen in more detail in the “Hit Rate” graph in WinnerOdds’ history, in which we cross reference our hit rate per odds with the line that marks the minimum hit rate per odds from which profit is obtained. 

Example 1: To make a profit in the range of odds from “1.083” to “1.2”, you should have success with about 88 forecasts out of every 100 bets. WinnerOdds gets 92 out of 100 for this range. 

Example 2: To make of profit in the range of odds from “2.5” to “3” you should have success with about 37 forecasts out of every 100 bets. WinnerOdds gets 47 out of every 100 for this range.

This is why it is very important that you do not abandon any range of odds because you have lost 1 or 2 bets. 

By systematically investing in Value Bets, you will achieve long-term profit regardless of the range of odds.

The average user places an average of 9 bets a day. 

Depending on the bookmaker and the procedure used, the time per bet may vary.

But, in general, as WinnerOdds shows you the bookmakers’ updated odds, it gives you the Minimum Odds (no bet under) and it also automatically calculates your bet size, bets are made very quickly and it will hardly ever take you more than a minute per bet.

We do not verify our picks with any external service because there are none that offer an automated service and it would be a waste of time for us to publish, one by one, the more than 400 picks per month that WinnerOdds offers. 

On the betting result history page, you can download a csv with all the predictions that WinnerOdds has published since day one (March 2016). 

And if you have any doubts about the odds that we publish in the history, you can check them yourself in portals like Oddsportal where these same movements are reflected in great detail.

In addition, WinnerOdds is not an anonymous twitter or telegram account. WinnerOdds is a SL (Limited Liability) company, legally registered in Spain and offering all the guarantees required by the European Union and subject to and governed by the laws of Spain and the EU.

If any problem arises, you are guaranteed to have all our available data on the legal notices page.

If all of this is still not sufficient to win your trust, we‘re sorry but we can do no more.

Yes. But you will not be limited by using WinnerOdds, they will limit you because you earn money.

Almost all bookmakers limit their winning users (some more quickly than others) and as soon as you start making money betting, with WinnerOdds or with any other method, you will face this situation. 

There is a way to delay and even avoid limitations in some cases; by distributing or diversifying your sports bets across as many bookmakers as possible.

This will mean that you distribute your returns across online bookmakers.

You will be betting fewer times and smaller amounts with each bookmaker, so by winning in a more distributed way, they will take longer to start to limit you.

Another advantage of having an account in the highest possible number of bookmakers is that you will win in volume of bets and you will always bet on the best odds. 

Remember! More bookmakers = fewer limitations and more profits.


If you are asking yourself this question, then you are not at the right website.

The website you are looking for probably does not exist and we recommend you look for an answer outside the sports betting.

Winning money by betting does not work like that. 

In any case, you can look for information about Value Betting and come back whenever you are ready.

It is basically the odd from which WinnerOdds has found profitability.

The term No Bet Under is also used.

It indicates NOT to place bets under that reference.


We display and update the bookmakers’ profitable odds every few minutes, allowing us to show you in green the odds that at that very moment can be bet on, immediately changing to red if they are no longer profitable because the odd amount has dropped at the bookmaker below the Minimum Odd. 

Therefore, you do not have check on every prediction if the odd has changed the moment when you are placing a bet.

No, never.

WinnerOdds is NOT a bookmaker.

WinnerOdds is a method that searches for profitable odds to invest in the sports betting market.

We provide information on profitable predictions and you use it to place bets in bookmakers or official betting sites, which are regulated by current applicable laws in each case, under your own responsibility.

To place bets on online bookmakers you need to have a bankroll that equals to the money you deposit in each bookmaker.

If you have asked yourself this questions, then you are probably at the wrong site. Learn how sports betting works and come back.

For more information, please go to our Legal Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions page.

We recommend you use the most amount of bookmakers possible.

The more the better.

The main reason is that you diversify the profits among them since the profits are very high.

Winning short term and at one bookmaker only is proved to be something bookmakers do not like and results in personal limitations.

It is better to win at a constant pace over a longer period of time.

Being able to place bets in different bookmakers allows you to choose the best odd for the same match by comparing among them.

The bankroll is the total amount of money you will deposit (or already have) in the bookmakers and that, therefore, will use for betting using our system.

WinnerOdds does not require an initial minimum or maximum bankroll to work so the initial bankroll amount is up to you.

Our betting system works based on any amount, and our odds do not vary depending on the user.

However, we recommend that your initial bankroll be higher than €1,000.

It is the reference amount we have calculated that will allow you to obtain profits and increase your bankroll, and pay your monthly membership fee without a problem.

But remember that the higher your initial bankroll, the better. Since your winnings will be higher, the WinnerOdds fee will seem to be lower.


Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

You will continue enjoying the WinnerOdds service until your renewal expires.

No. Users subscribe for an entire month and can continue using the information until their subscription expires, on the same day of the following month.

No, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

No, all users have to have their own account in order to enjoy all the benefits WinnerOdds has to offer.

Sharing a WinnerOdds account violates our Terms and Conditions, and may result in the permanent closing of the Account.

It is easy to cancel your WinnerOdds subscription.

You have to go to Menu > My Subscriptions. To cancel it, just click on ‘Cancel’ and confirm. 

If you have any problems, please let us know and we will help you.

Once your subscription is canceled, we will not bill you anymore and you will continue to have access to the platform until the end day of the month you have paid for.

You can subscribe at anytime and enjoy WinnerOdds until the same day of the following month.


Matches offered in the international market are sometimes not shown at the bookmakers, or the match is just started and is no longer in the list of upcoming matches, but live.

A match disappears when it finishes.

But when it starts, it switches to “Live”.

Yes, but you must remember that we will monitor your activity to avoid account fraud (multiple accounts or shared use). Remember that is it strictly prohibited to share your account with another person and it can result in the cancellation of the account.

If you do not save the placed bets or do not bet the recommended amount, WinnerOdds is not able to show you real statistics of bet results and tracking your personal betting history will be incorrect.

It is recommended to check the available bets at least 2 or 3 times a day. You will then probably place 50% to 60% of the available bets per day. If you check the available bets every two hours (not including your sleeping hours), you can place 50% to 80% of the bets offered throughout the day. Activating the new bet notifications in “My Account -> Preferences” will help you optimized the time used for betting and take advantage of the best odds before they drop.

It is possible that the decimals not shown in both odds are different and do not comply with the bookmaker’s odd to be over the minimum odd, and therefore it is not recommended.

WinnerOdds has been tested with the most used browsers. It is recommended to have them updated to enjoy all of WinnerOdds features. In any case, we recommend you use Chrome as browser for a better experience.

It is possible to find differences in the tournament names or incomplete names due to translation issues.

Yes, but you will have to estimate the bet amount and be risking more, besides not being able to track your results and include these bets in your statistics and personal betting history.

The statistics shown are good to compare the results with other methods or other WinnerOdds users. Differences should be low in the long term. The calculated values are:

  • Picks: Number of placed bets. It equals to the number of odds checked in ‘Odds’.
  • Won and Lost: Number of won and lost picks. The total picks is higher than the won bets plus the lost ones because of the annulled, canceled and pending matches.
  • Bet Units and Profits: A unit equals to 1% of the account. The bankroll and bet amounts change when you win or lose, but the number of bet and won units doesn’t. It is a way to set a value on the bet amounts.
  • Profit Factor: Gross Winning / Gross Losses
  • Yield: Also known as ROI (Return of Investment), it is the percentage of the relation between net units won and units bet. Annulled or canceled matches are not included

There are many reasons why there might not be many betting recommendations, or the time from the last one be long. The most common reason is if it is the weekend and few matches are played in the tournaments’ final rounds. It could also be a difference in the match time since they are being played in other countries. If not, it could simply be that there are no profitable new odds and therefore, it is not worth risking your bankroll.


The betting history that is shown is from a very fast “virtual player” who detects profitable new odds the minute they come up and, therefore, places all possible bets. This player also finds the odds before they drop and so risks lower amounts.

When betting, we acknowledge that we are risking all our bankroll. However, the probability of losing more than 50% in respects to a previous maximum amount is very slim, about a 0.1%, which is approximately like getting 10 same sides of a coin (difficult but not impossible!)

There is always a possibility of losing a match, even with a low odd. If not, bookmakers would not remove these odds and noone would bet on the opponent. For example, a 1.1 odd bet has a 9% probability of losing.

When a bookmaker offers a match with an odd with a high winning margin, it is possible that many other players also see it and quickly place a bet on this odd.

To make up for it, bookmakers also quickly lower the odd in order to continue winning with its margin. Either way, as long as the odd is green, the bet is still profitable.

When a bet is closed, a commission similar to the opening one is paid. Unless there is additional relevant information such as an injury during a match, closing a bet is never recommended.

You can bet anytime you want, but WinnerOdds recommends not to make decisions on bets without having all the information.

When a match starts, partial results provide information that is hard to value to make the right decision live.

It is not recommended to place bets once the match has started.

If just a few minutes have passed and the score is tied, there is not much risk to place a wrong bet, but there will be many bets and we recommend you wait.

To close a bet once a match has started is the same as placing a live bet but vice versa.

In this case, a bookmaker commission is charged, so WinnerOdds recommends not to close a bet before the match is over.

Bookmakers and Bets

A good strategy would be withdrawing 10% of the profits each month.

Our efforts and persistence should be rewarded.

Once you reach a high bank roll, near the bet limit of each bookmaker, it would be more practical to request weekly withdrawals.

Maximum bank rolls you should bet at each bookmaker depend on the bet limit for each bookmaker, that are not publicly known.

We will share more precise information regarding these limits as soon as possible.

Each bookmaker has its own rules in this respect, which are indicates in their Terms and Conditions that their usersa re required to agree with when registering.

Suspicion of fraudulent use (eg., surebets, bots, etc.), such as extremely fast profits, or rare bets, may result in limited in limitations in your account’s bets.

Connecting to different accounts from the same device or even the same IP address might indicate that a user has more than one account in the same bookmaker, which is not allow, and it is therefore discouraged.

William Hill and bet365 are bookmakers offering the most amount of matches. They also offer starting out with an extra 100 euros in your initial bankroll by giving out welcome bonuses.