How to beat the bookies

How to Beat the Bookies

Discover the essential concepts to invest in sports betting


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Why will you love this ebook?

In this e-book, you can find a brief (or not so brief) introduction to the ‘science of gambling’. I hope that, if you are a new bettor, you will learn the basic concepts about sports betting, that I would like to have known before I started wagering my own money.

If you are an experienced punter, you will find new points of view, which I have previously applied in different fields like poker, Forex and civil engineering.

Miguel Figueres

What are you going to learn?

How to Beat the Bookies
  1. First and foremost: the odds. What the odds are and the differences between fair odds, unfair odds, fair odds with commission and unfair odds with commission.
  2. Finding value in sports betting. Being a profitable bettor, estimating probabilities, changing odds and sports betting market inefficiencies.
  3. Key concepts in sports betting. A glossary of terms and expressions, that you should get familiar with.
  4. Differences between a casual and a professional bettor. Which main practices follow all professional bettors?.
  5. Exposing 3 scams used by the bookmakers.
  6. Soft and sharp bookmakers.
    Market liquidity and restrictions
  7. The 5 best pieces of advice I can give.

A book full of value

The truth is that I could sell this ebook on amazon, but let’s not kid ourselves, writing is not my livelihood.

All the value I would have liked to understand when I started gambling is condensed in this book.

And now it’s here.


For you.

How to Beat the Bookies

Author’s bio

Miguel Figueres is the inventor of WinnerOdds. Assistant Professor in the Polytechnical University of Valencia (UPV), founder of his own Maritime Engineering consultancy firm (Ingeomar) and expert in Artificial Intelligence methods, like Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms and Simulated Annealing.

In order to develop WinnerOdds, Miguel has taken advantage of his Civil Engineering education, his experience in poker and Expert Advisor programming for Forex investments.

However, he has found in WinnerOdds the possibility of enjoying two of his favourite interests: sports and statistics, making predictions of sports results probabilities.

The origin of WinnerOdds is caused by the fact that he was not allowed to win indefinitely by the bookmakers limitations. As a consequence, he decided to found WinnerOdds so that other bettors could also take profit of his sports betting method.