WinnerOdds Results 2021 – Tennis Stats

WinnerOdds Results 2021 - Tennis Stats

Do you like numbers and statistics? Do you want to know how much you can win by betting with WinnerOdds Tennis? We are going to show it to you in this article, taking advantage of all the data generated by WinnerOdds Tennis sports betting, for more than 5 years now! I think that’s enough of […]

Take it or leave it

take it or leave it|take it or leave it

Analysis Of The Results Obtained On September 1st, WinnerOdds published again Minimum Profitable Odds. After analyzing the August results, everything was ready and we were ready to resume betting. The results after 15 days (analysis made at 20:00 on September 15) of all WinnerOdds users is -71,000 euros, far from what we would like. Is […]

WO 3.0 – The fastest and easiest to use Value Betting App

WO 3.0 - The fastest and easiest to use Value Betting App|The fastest and easiest to use Value Betting App|WO 3.0 - La App de Apuestas de Valor más rápida y más fácil de utilizar.|||||

You’ve been asking us for more sports, more markets, and to be more liquid, more bookmakers monitored, more predictions… and that the odds hold until you get there and can get your stake in without any problems or limitations. Right? Well, it has not been easy. Especially in a system like WinnerOdds that calculates its […]

WinnerOdds inducted into the Smart Betting Club Hall of Fame!

Smart Betting Club Hall of Fame WinnerOdds

We’re proud to announce our induction into the Smart Betting Club (SBC) Hall of Fame! On the back of the most in depth and detailed review of WinnerOdds yet, SBC have decided to recognise our service as being in the top echelon of betting services. We are humbled to be held in high esteem by […]

New bookmakers monitored by WinnerOdds

Nuevas casas de apuestas monitorizadas por WinnerOdds|

As @LeoMargets says: “Not winning is the same as losing, do not miss opportunities”. That’s why we never settle and continue working to add new monitored bookmakers to the system, take maximum profit of the Value Bets and split our bets as much as possible. And we are very happy because it will allow us to continue […]

3rd WinnerOdds Anniversary | 3 years publishing Value Bets

3rd WinnerOdds Anniversary|WinnerOdds - Cómo ganar dinero apostando|3er Aniversario WinnerOdds|3er Aniversario WinnerOdds|3er aniversario winnerodds|3rd WinnerOdds Anniversary|3rd WinnerOdds Anniversary

In April of 2016, after more than a year and a half working on the algorithm and the application, the first public version of WinnerOdds was born. Two months later, we presented the first commercial version of WinnerOdds in a sports pub in our hometown, Valencia (Spain). That is why this month of April we […]

WinnerOdds new user history


In this article, we are introducing the new “User History”, where you can find the average results obtained with the bets placed by all the WinnerOdds Users. In the WinnerOdds Betting History that we are showing since the beginning of WinnerOdds, all the matches with at least one bet from our users are included, and […]

Value Bets with Dynamic Minimum Profitable Odds

Cuota Mínima Rentable Dinámica

Improvement of the Winnerodds’ algorithm by including new information in the calculation of the Minimum Profitable Odds. Since now, WinnerOdds estimated the probabilities of a tennis match based in a huge database of previous information. WinnerOdds used that estimation in order to determine the minimum profitable odds. Since the bookmakers published their own odds and […]

ODDS 2.0 – The new WinnerOdds Value Betting Interface

ODDS 2.0 - La renovada y potente interfaz para apostar a Cuotas con Valor|Bookies WinnerOdds Value Betting|WinnerOdds Odds 2.0 Value Betting

The new WinnerOdds value betting interface has arrived will be available starting next Tuesday, February 20 for €79 a month. It is a total renovation of our Value betting webpage that includes, among others, the following characteristics and functions: Monitored odds in 22 bookmakers. A clearer and more intuitive New Interface. Integrated Tool ‘Complete Your […]