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Sometimes we mistake complexity for intelligence. More often than we’d like to admit, we assume that if we use technical, uncommon, or foreign words, we’ll appear more in the know.

I read recently that “complexity only appears intelligent to stupid people”.

Look, I’m an engineer, and one of the things I do most is solve problems. Solving them in the most simple way possible. The most intelligent way to explain a complex system is to make it comprehensible for others.

That’s why a top priority of mine, in my daily life as well as in WinnerOdds, is to present matters in a simple way, no matter how complex they are.

I’ll reveal a secret. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved history, especially all about the Roman Empire. Since I discovered Santiago Posteguillo, reading his books has become one of the most relaxing moments of the week.

One of the things that speaks to me the most is the lifestyle of the citizens back then and the way they spent their free time.

Chariot racing was one of the most popular forms of entertainment. To get an idea, it was like horse racing, but ramped up to a thousand.

They took place in a circus shaped like a giant racetrack, up to 650 meters long and 120 meters wide. It was the Formula 1 of those times.

As Trajano would put it, life is like chariot racing

«7 laps and 14 turns to decide a winner.You take risks at every turn; every decision you make or others make for you has a say in the result, but it’s all so frenetic that there’s virtually no time to think.

The one to reach the finish line first is always the winner. It doesn’t matter if horses reach it alone or not—as long as they’ve completed the path first, they win. However, in life, the one to make it first isn’t necessarily the winner, but rather the ones who manage to make it to the final turn of the final lap alive»

ELI5: WinnerOdds for dummies

You see, investing in a product like WinnerOdds entails something of the sort.

It doesn’t really matter who reaches the end first, but rather who reaches the final lap, makes it to the final turn, and survives.

Last month, I published an article explaining the most common mistakes made by people who can’t make heads or tails of WinnerOdds.

This time, I’ll do the opposite.

I want to explain what you have to do to get the most out of WinnerOdds, and using the chariot racing example, I’ll get you to understand that making it to the last turn sprightly is better than getting there first

Six steps to get the most out of WinnerOdds

1. Follow a system

Aurigas were the ones in charge of driving the chariots. Something akin to present-day racers.

One of the most successful ones from the time was Diocles, who, after competing in over 4200 races and winning 34% of them, chose to retire at the age of 42. A hit rate of 34%—1200 victories—was no mere coincidence.

He had a plan. A strategy.

Yeah, in sports betting, you don’t have to deal with a vehicle being pulled by horses going berserk or race through a Roman Circus putting your life in jeopardy at every turn, but just like Diocles, you need to have a plan and follow a strategy to beat the many obstacles you’ll face in your path.

You’ll encounter account closures, betting limits, and perhaps even judicial procedures that will slow your pace. Make sure to be a proper auriga.

When you choose WinnerOdds, you pay to follow a system. A system that controls risk on your behalf. Spots value opportunities on your behalf. And seeks out suitable bets on your behalf.

2. Your bank size is important

Generally, people are uncomfortable talking about money. To be fair, they tend to have qualms about referring to their own money in particular.

But, sometimes, making money comes from doing things right. In fact, Diocles, during his successful career, made a lot of money for the time and was able to retire to a small city in Preneste, where he died years later.


If you’re reading this, you surely know the importance of money and that using it improperly will affect your results in the short and long term.

For example, without a sufficient cash cushion, you can’t invest safely.

This is the first point of this section: the initial bank. I’m the kind of person who believes that it’s worth it to kick things off a little later instead of rushing with a bank below the recommended amount.

Starting off with €5000 is a better idea than starting off with €1000.

We say that €1000 is the minimum recommended bank because if you start with less than €1000, the service fee will compromise your cost-effectiveness.

To put it plainly, purchasing the subscription isn’t worth it if your available balance will be less than €1000.

Keep this in mind before reading on, because it’s an important precondition.

A few months ago, I wrote an article that explained why, along with the minimum bank, we also have a recommended bank, and how to calculate it correctly.

Recommended bankroll: Calculation guide

3. Don’t be an elephant in a china shop

Bookmakers don’t fancy bettors like us.

They prefer users who go all in on their favorite team or have a lot of gut feelings.

I suppose they feel similar to Diocles’ opponents. No one would like to go up against a guy with over 1000 wins on his record.

Based on our experience, we recommend signing up on all available bookmakers. No exceptions.

If you’re a new user, it’s worth it to not stand out by not making massive or recurring deposits. Same thing applies to withdrawing: if you can leave it for later, do so.

Often, people are so elated to make money that they make easily avoidable mistakes.

For example:

If you create an account on a bookmaker, deposit €600, and 15 minutes later are placing €50-150 bets like a machine gun on Turkish teens playing in the middle of nowhere, be sure that all the bookie’s alarm bells will go off at once.

You’re just like an oversized elephant in a china shop.

To avoid that, here are 4 tips:

1. Sign up on as many bookmakers as possible

2. Verify them and leave them ready to go

3. Don’t touch them again for a while

4. Deposit money on the first 4-5

4. What bookmakers should you start with?

As with most things in life, there’s no magic recipe.

But to start with, I always recommend the big bookies. Their customer support is fantastic, they’re speedy, and everything tends to work fine.

You’ll have time to delve into the others eventually.

As for the money to deposit, it’ll depend on the bank you begin with.

A good distribution is using 15-20% of your total bankroll on each bookie.

The ones I recommend starting with are:

1. Bet365

2. Winamax

3. William Hill

4. Betway

5. MarathonBet

With just these 5, you’ll have plenty to start with.

If you asked Diocles, he’d surely say something about picking proper horses. Not any horse will do, they need to have been diligently trained, provide assurance, be vigorous, run appropriately…

The start isn’t the time to reinvent the wheel or take unnecessary risks. It’s when you should follow the safest path that will give you the highest chance of winning.

5. Educate yourself and learn how sports betting operates

Just like a good auriga had to evaluate the horses’ skill set, the racetrack’s conditions, and their opponents’ tactics in order to conjure the best strategy, a WinnerOdds investor has to understand how the sports betting market works and what kind of situations they may encounter.

It’s something that comes with experience, but surrounding yourself with people who have been there before will help you make better decisions. Be it by joining our Discord community, subscribing to our newsletter, or taking advantage of the many tools and resources available to you.

Taking a risk at a turn where your opponent has opened up space for you isn’t the same as trying to overtake them when things are against you. You need to know your opponent and the terrain, and use your knowledge as a weapon.

That’s what sets Diocles apart from many other aurigas. His many successive wins aren’t luck’s spell, but a matter of adaptability and intelligence to make the best out of every situation.

If you want to learn how the sports betting market works,

How to beat bookies (ebook)

6. Routine and schedule

We have to talk about two kinds of users.

The ones who spend their lives glued to a screen, and the ones who live their own lives and bet in the background. I hope, for your sake, that you’re part of the second group…

This is something that can be observed a lot in gyms.

When we’re motivated by something, like getting in shape, building muscle mass, or having a better body figure than our coworkers, motivation itself carries us away for the first few weeks.

You’re so excited and hyped about your routine that you go to the gym on steroids.

However, just a few weeks later, the results aren’t quite there yet.

You won’t get in shape after just 5 training sessions. People don’t become millionaires after saving up money for a month. Often, these changes don’t achieve what we want right away, which makes us revert them.

Motivation is short-lived and runs on finite fuel, whereas success comes from small habit tweaks in your system and routine. These frameworks are the difference between success and failure.

It’s why, at the beginning of spring, gyms are filled to the brim, while in September they’re a graveyard.

And it’s why certain WinnerOdds users face success while others fail. Making money with WinnerOdds is a long-distance race and requires more than a fleeting motivational spark at the start. It requires a habit system that comprises a framework. Eventually, time itself enhances things you do frequently.

Do you think Diocles could’ve spent 23 years competing in Roman Circuses if his spirits had sunk after the third race?

Doesn’t sound likely, right?

To avoid that fate, you must design habits that will allow you to place enough bets and wager enough money without sacrificing your daily life.

Seek out opportunities and moments in your lifestyle that will facilitate betting. Be consistent, and don’t expect to build Rome in a day.

A few months ago, we redacted a Twitter thread that will help you learn, amongst other things, the frequency of picks per hour, weekday, month, etc…

Take a look through it after this article, as it may help you put together your own framework

Last 6 years of WinnerOdds Tennis

Examples from real users

We’ll go through a few real user examples—flesh and blood users with obligations and lives just like you and me. We don’t claim that WinnerOdds is the center of their lives, but they’ve obtained these results over the course of thousands of picks.

Total transparency, so that you see that obtaining long-term results is possible and that even when variance isn’t on your side, pushing on is worth it because the EV+ punch can always be just around the corner.

1.The perfect son-in-law

ELI5: WinnerOdds for dummies

This user has been with us since late 2016.

It’s the boyfriend any mother would like for her daughter. The perfect son-in-law. The perfect winner.

One of the questions we get more often is what to do after being restrained by bookmakers, wondering if the tool will still make money by then.

Well, this user shows that, after 7 years and over 23,000 picks, you can still be on the ball. With a meager 7 available bookmakers and a proper bank size.

Is it simple?

No, it requires tenacity, diligence, and robust habits.

2. The system in 2023 works better than ever before

ELI5: WinnerOdds for dummies

This is a picture that encompasses just 1 year of betting. To be exact, it depicts the past 365 days, as this user began their journey with WinnerOdds in the 29th week of 2022.

It works as an example for all of those people who come to us asking if investing in WinnerOdds is still profitable in 2023.

It’s from a British user who, with 13 available bookmakers, has reached over 2000 picks and amassed stellar results, well over the average.

3. Extreme case: negative variance

ELI5: WinnerOdds for dummies

What happened to this user is astounding. Despite doing things right, negative variance had it in for them.

It’s a user who has results way below the average.

We know this can happen. WinnerOdds isn’t a fixed-term deposit, and the disparity between results can be rowdy.

They were with us for three years, and as shown, they had a slower start than usual and were smacked head-first by the great drawdown we experienced in 2020 due to Covid.

Then, in 2021, they rode the massive boost we experienced and reached for the stars, but following another decline, they decided to quit.

At the end of the day, even when looking at one of the most unfavorable user cases in our history, they still made a profit after subtracting the subscription fees.

It’s an example that keeps us down to earth. Currently, this user is still active with us, but they’re focused on a different sport, which is treating them better.

4. The smart winner

ELI5: WinnerOdds for dummies

The smart winner knows to wait for their chance. They know that if you follow an EV+ system, the long term will reward you, and they know how the world of investing in sports betting works.

This case shows us someone who spent a whopping 18 weeks to barely make €1600. Again, 18 weeks—nearly 5 months—hard at work without pause.

They understood that big success comes from small daily tweaks. It comes from placing picks, then placing more and more without measuring things by time.

Afterward… the graph speaks for itself. An endless upstream that catapulted them to making nearly €30,000 in just 3 years.

They have 11 bookmakers remaining and stay at it. The difference between the smart winner and an impatient user is crystal clear.

Endure without despairing. Don’t lose focus. Keep at it day by day. And have your feet on the ground.


As we’ve seen, all important things are a direct consequence of modest beginnings.

Constructing a working system. Defining a proper starting bank. Not standing out and keeping a low profile. Deciding which bookmakers to start with. Educating yourself and getting to know how this business works. 

Nailing all of that while having healthy habits that you repeat over time is how you’ll get the most out of this tool.

In this article, I want to put the spotlight on the fact that victories aren’t mere coincidences. And that victories aren’t necessarily given to those who reach the finish line first, but to those who make it to the last turn of the last lap and survive.

WinnerOdds as a company, let alone I, can’t guarantee earnings.

It would be a pretty irresponsible lie.

But we do know that we have a method that, in the long term, has managed to consistently outdo bookmakers, and that following the guidelines we’ve listed in this article is the only way you’ll ensure you’re doing things right.

We hope this article helps you turn into great winners 🙂


Miguel Figueres


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