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Sports are still one of the most common forms of entertainment for adults in most countries around the world.

Football teams, famous tennis players or the NBA finals attract the attention of millions of fans around the world.

Sports, reaching everyone as never before. As a result, sports betting has exploded in the last two decades.

In fact, according to a 2014 Gallup poll, nearly half of American adults admitted to betting on an NBA game at some point in their lives.

One of the problems associated with an activity that in just 20 years has gone viral is that it becomes a landmine zone, full of noob traps, where people think they know about betting, but really don’t have idea about it.

It’s the same thing that is happening now with cryptocurrencies.

Most people who watch a sports event, regularly are familiar with what kind of bets can be made, but not many understand much more than this.

One of the best methods of learning, whatever subject you want to learn, is to divide the main theme down into small tasks. This causes them to be much more easy to understand.

And this, is exactly the idea of Smart Betting Club – from now on SBC – to teach, in small steps, the common bettor to know how to differentiate a good tipster from a not so good tipster and to have the right tools to make decisions in this complicated world of sports betting investment.

The challenge is not easy, but SBC succeeds.

What will you find inside?

Smart Betting Club (SBC) was founded by Pete Ling in 2006.

It is a service that, among many other things, provides independent and honest analysis of the services of the best tipsters in the market, as well as strategy ideas and ways to improve your betting skills.

All content is personally produced by Pete and his team, so their analysis has that “skin in the game” that is so necessary to understand an investment product.

They also regularly update the results of the tipsters that they have previously reviewed.

And this is one of their strong points.

This monitoring provides members with the possibility of knowing how the results of that tipster are doing in an updated and personal way.

Inside the club, we can also learn how to choose the right bookmakers, use other investment alternatives such as Matchedbetting or listen to podcasts with professional bettors or relevant people in the sector that provide a very valuable insight into how the betting industry works.

Due to the large amount of material that you can find inside and in order not to make this post interminable, we only focus on the most relevant, so that later, each of you can discuss whether or not it is worth subscribing.

Independent Analyses

SBC, as we have already mentioned, is a totally independent service.

1- The project is financed by the subscriptions of its members, so it is exclusively dedicated to them.

2- They have no affiliation system with bookmakers and their work is totally focused on improving the experience of the common sports betting investor.

Objective of SBC

One of their slogans is: “Make money betting” and this is not the same as making money from betting (bookmaker affiliations, loss agreements etc…)

One of the main problems of any bettor in the world is to find that tipster that is really worth it.

In this world of sports betting there are many scammers and people who modify their track records or directly scam their customers with false promises.

This is not a trivial issue, as these types of people are constantly around us in telegram groups, twitter and other social networks, so it is difficult to escape them.

SBC becomes that tool that helps you to detect these “scammers”, who only want to take your money, into their pockets.

SBC will teach you to be more critical and to know how to choose the right way.

-> We are not aware of any service in Spain that offers such truthful and reliable information.

Although it is a service in English or aimed at the British public, a Spanish user can really benefit from its many advantages.

You will be able to learn, for example

1-The basics of betting and its mental construction.

2-Discover the different options for betting on exchange and what strategies can help you in the future.

3- Reviews of the best betting brokers on the market (the most reputable) and with the best results, always based on their experience.

4- It also offers analyses of the best bookmakers on the market, classified by country and by characteristics. You will also learn about the different tools that a sports betting investor may need.

Advice for SBC members

In addition, SBC also has an advisory system that helps to make better decisions, taking into account the personal situation of the sports betting investor.

Each of us has our own circumstances, our own environment, fears, biases and other different needs and the same advice does not work for everyone.

At SBC, you receive information adapted to your needs.

Based on aspects such as the budget you have, your experience, time, available bookmakers, they elaborate a small guide.

The 5 scenarios they analyse are:

1- Rookie in betting

2- If you already have some experience and a reasonable bankroll

3- Experienced bettor with some previous success

4- Profitable bettor with bookmaker restrictions

5- Full time winner, looking to maximise winnings.

And in each of these scenarios, they give you different recommendations so that, on the one hand, you can get the most out of each part and, on the other hand, you can progress in your level as a bettor.

This section is really very useful because it is the kind of advice you need, especially for those who are starting out and also for those who are suffering for the first time from the bookmaker’s restrictions.

When bookmakers restrict you for the first time, it is often a difficult time for any sports betting investor.

SBC is the place to get the noise out of your head and feel understood in the world of sports betting.

Publications you can find inside SBC

Another of SBC’s strong points, at least in my humble opinion, is the analysis of tipsters and the updating of their data on a recurring basis.

With each update, within the membership we can find:

1- Bimonthly magazine

Every two months SBC publishes the main Smart Betting Club magazine which contains new reviews of tipster services along with strategies and interviews with relevant people in the industry.

You have access to various documents containing detailed and professional analysis of betting systems tested by SBC.

Imagine if there was a club where an investment expert would analyse and monitor the best stocks or investment funds in the world. Would you pay for it?

-> Well, that’s SBC, but for sports betting investments.

When looking for ways to make money in sports betting investments, knowledge of this type of service is essential.

-> Sample magazine “How to win betting on Golf” (January 2022)

2- Tipster profit report

As we said above, these reports are very useful to know, in a simple and easy way, how the different services are still working.

They help you to decide whether to subscribe to them or not and how they are performing over time. By using ratings, you can see their overall score in a very intuitive way.

3- Hall Of fame (ranking)

Within each report, the tipsters that belong to the HOF are included.

That is to say, those services that, due to their high quality, have a special category.

By the way, one of them is WinnerOdds, something we are very proud of.

In this hall of fame section, you can find a series of purchase recommendations, depending on how recommended each service is by SBC.

It is very similar to the recommendations we find on some stock websites, where they recommend you to buy or sell a stock for a specific time range.

In this case, the ranking goes from 1 to 5, with 1 being a non-recommended purchase and 5 being strongly recommended.

4- Betting diary

Written by SBC reviewer and long term profitable bettor, Rowan Day, he makes a diary of his bets and explains his strategy and the portfolio he uses and the results he is getting. Highly recommended to follow closely.

5- Professional betting tips guide

They will help you with both the theory and the practical application of betting. It’s like all the content a professional bettor should know.

For example, tips on how to be profitable, tools, the right mindset, risk management, setting up systems.

It’s delivered in PDF format and it’s really useful if you really want to keep progressing in this sports betting thing,

6– Bookmaker restrictions and possible solutions

The problem of bookmakers restricting betting is an increasingly common practice affecting many bettors in the modern world.

The SBC team of course dedicates a section to this problem.

It advises you to look for more alternatives to find winnings in markets where there are not so many limitations, such as exchange betting.

Through it you can find references and links to all tipster reviews, articles, and anything of interest from the point of view of exchange betting, including Betfair.

7- Advanced Analysis (Guide)

Here – without the need to be an ace mathematician – we show you how you can learn more and better understand what your results tell us and exactly how it can help you.

This advanced analysis is done through the use of Monte Carlo simulations, which allow us to replicate the profile of any tipster service on many millions of data points.

8- Discounts for tipsters

In the end, after so much information, you will be interested in one of the services analyzed by the SBC team.

In this case, there are several discounts for purchasing the services analyzed by SBC that, depending on each service, will be of one amount or another.

For example, at WinnerOdds we offer SBC members a 50% discount on the first subscription to the service.

Each tipster has a different discount.

9 – Ranking of all tipsters

In this section, you will find all the tipster services that have been analyzed in the community (more than 40 different ones) and you can select each one of them and in a very intuitive way they inform you (through the rating of 1-5) how good is the service.

They take into account things like the cost of the service, the level of risk, the benefits it can provide, the transparency of its data, the customer service and even the “patience” or the recommended period of time you need to optimally evaluate the service.

The good thing is that you can go browsing, giving each one and you get this information in a visual and simple way to get an idea of the strengths and weaknesses of each one.

10- Investment Alternatives: Matchedbetting

They also teach you, within the club, the exciting world of Matchedbetting. This is a way of making money in the world of betting, but without risk.

In other words, you convert bookmaker promotions into real money with a few simple steps.

-> Learn Matched betting

SBC Premium picks

At SBC they have their own paid tipsters inside their community (by subscription).

They include other sports such as golf, tennis or horse racing, so common in the UK.

They have more services that you can see on this website but in order not to make this post longer, we wanted to highlight three of them

-> Tipsters Premium SBC

1- For example, football tips

Smart Betting Club - Review
Soccer tips

2- Tenis (via Aiden Wardle)

Smart Betting Club - Review
Tennis tips

3- Horse Racing

Smart Betting Club - Review
Horses tips

In order to be able to analyse their numbers as well and not to break the independence of the analysis they do, from September 2021 it was decided to add SBC’s premium services into their own tipster reports.

They will not be added to the hall of fame and no subjective considerations will be made about them, they will simply compare their data with other tipsters so that it is valued in an objective way.

If you are interested, more information is available inside the club.

Tipsters savings for member

One of the advantages of being a member of SBC is that you will have direct discounts to hire the services of each tipster. This is very valuable for SBC members because it allows them to try the services we analyse at a reduced price for being a member of the club.

With this, what we generate is the possibility that members can also benefit from the performance of our tipsters.

In the case of WinnerOdds, being a member of SBC you get for example a 50% discount during the first month.

Types of subscriptions

There are two different types of subscriptions in the SBC

Smart Betting Club - Review

1- 1- The free one allows you to download two free SBC magazines and 1 report of 1 tipsters (including the profit report).

2- With the subscription account, you have access to the 40+ tipster reports that SBC has produced, all publications, magazines, guides, rankings (well everything explained during the post).

Smart Betting Club - Review

Is it worth it?

In our opinion, YES.

It is a highly recommended product, if you are dedicated and respect sports betting as an investment.

Whether you are a sports betting novice or an experienced punter, the SBC club is a compendium of resources, guides and analysis of such calibre that you can’t possibly not get value for your subscription price.

Considering it comes in at less than €10 per month, just having access to the tipster analysis and the detailed information it provides is more than worth the price of the subscription.

If you also benefit from a discount on your favourite tipster, you will probably save more than you pay for the subscription.

Another important point why I recommend SBC is time.

SBC is a time facilitator.

In this day and age, the time you spend searching for tipsters on the internet or paying for services that turn out to be fraudulent, what SBC offers is gold for you.

The only downside, at least for the Spanish market, is that all the content is in English. However, this can be a problem or not, it’s up to you.

We live in the best time ever in terms of access to information, with so many resources at our hands that translating a text from one language to another in just seconds is like child’s play.

Anyway, that’s all 🙂

Hopefully, this guide has helped you to get to know Smart Betting Club a little better and if you decide to give it a try or have any further questions, we will answer them in the comments of this blog.

And if not, you can follow the SBC account on Twitter or on their website.

Greetings 🙂


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