ODDS 2.0 – The new WinnerOdds Value Betting Interface

ODDS 2.0 - La renovada y potente interfaz para apostar a Cuotas con Valor|Bookies WinnerOdds Value Betting|WinnerOdds Odds 2.0 Value Betting

The new WinnerOdds value betting interface has arrived will be available starting next Tuesday, February 20 for €79 a month.

It is a total renovation of our Value betting webpage that includes, among others, the following characteristics and functions:

  • Monitored odds in 22 bookmakers.

  • A clearer and more intuitive New Interface.

  • Integrated Tool ‘Complete Your Odd’. Using this application tool, you are always able to complete your stake by distributing it among different bookmakers when you cannot place the total in just one bookmaker, for whatever reason there might be (limitations, no bankroll or market liquidity).

Odds 2.0 is developed in React.js, a 100% JavaScript open source library for building real time interfaces. A team of 5 people have been working for over 6 months to develop it.

With this strong jump in our system and with more and more available bookmakers where to find value bets, we will be able to take the best advantage of value bets with WinnerOdds algorithm.

22 Monitored Bookmakers (…and growing)

Bookies WinnerOdds Value Betting

WinnerOdds is a system that calculates and obtains its own predictions and minimum odd, having access to a larger number of possible bookmakers and, therefore, proving to be very profitable for two main reasons.

1. It allows us to compare our Minimum odd with all bookmakers and choose the most profitable odd for each tournament (that is, the one with the highest difference in respects to the MinOdd). Betting on the best odd multiplies our earnings and reduces our losses.

And 2, by having access to more bookmakers, we win in volume and diversify our winnings among them. This is how we stop bookmakers from limiting us for the benefits obtained, extending our accounts’ useful life.

As far as the number of monitored bookmakers, we will progressively add more as a larger number of our users are from the United Kingdom and Northern Europe and ask us to add the bookmakers available to them in those areas.

New ODDS 2.0 Interface

WinnerOdds Odds 2.0 Value Betting

In our new interface we have placed the bookmakers’ odds from left to right according to their profitability, compared to the

Minimum Odd
The best odd from the bookmakers that you have active will always be found on the left, making it easier to know the value of each bet.

As far as the bankroll goes, since most of our users use one bankroll, and having shown to be more profitable, in this new version the bankroll is unified. At the upper left side there is our bankroll. Bet amounts are automatically calculated for all bookmakers according to the odd value in relation to our minimum odd at the moment.

To calculate the odd amount or stake, we continue using a stake variable based on the value (or profitability) found in each odd by applying the Kelly Criterion.

Tool to Complete your Bets “Totalize bets”

Totalize a Bet: Complete the recommended stake total on a bet.

Many times, due to the bookmaker limitations or market liquidity, we were unable to complete the amount of bets recommended in a single bookmaker. For example, WinnerOdds indicated to bet €55 but we could only place €35 in a bookmaker. Therefore, what many WinnerOdds users used to due was to distribute their stake among different bookmakers to complete the bet.

To take care of this necessity, in this update we have included the tool ‘Complete’ to be able to complete all bets by easily and quickly distributing our stake among different bookmakers.

How Does It Work?

You indicate in the application how much you were able to bet in each transaction and WinnerOdds 2.0 automatically recalculates the stake you need to place in the other bookmakers in relation to your active odds, their value and your bankroll until you are able to complete all your stake. This is when the application shows you the ‘completed’ event in yellow:

[su_youtube url=”” width=”900″ height=”600″]

As we see in the video, if we bet in a bookmaker but do not complete the amount of the recommended bet (the bet is not completed) to win all the expected profit, the bet amount is automatically updated in the other bookmakers in order to complete the bet in one or more other bookmakers.

We, at WinnerOdds, hope you enjoy this new version and make the best of the system’s profitability.

Remember to always place bets on Value Odds and that the Positive Expected Value is on your side. See you at the comment section.


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