WinnerOdds inducted into the Smart Betting Club Hall of Fame!

Smart Betting Club Hall of Fame WinnerOdds

We’re proud to announce our induction into the Smart Betting Club (SBC) Hall of Fame!

On the back of the most in depth and detailed review of WinnerOdds yet, SBC have decided to recognise our service as being in the top echelon of betting services. We are humbled to be held in high esteem by such a respected industry resource.

In the SBC Editor’s own words:

“Since this initial review, my team and I continued to monitor performance and with the ongoing excellence of this service, a decision was made to elevate them into the ‘SBC Hall of Fame’ – our shortlist of highly recommended tipster services.”

Who Are Smart Betting Club?

SBC have distinguished themselves as one of the most prestigious betting clubs over the last 10+ years; funded solely by their members they have been able to stay true to their initial goal, helping punters profit with superior analysis.

Here is a further description directly from SBC:

Established in May 2006, the Smart Betting Club (SBC) is a 100% independent source for analyzing, reviewing and constantly monitoring the world of betting tipsters.

SBC’s Betting Magazines & Tipster Profit Reports help to identify first of all – the best tipsters for making money betting in the real world and secondly – tracks and reports back on the ongoing profits they are making.

Each tipster is then rated and ranked with the very best given our much sought-after and hard to obtain ‘Hall of Fame’ recommendations – those we believe offer the best chance to make you money betting.

Alongside this, as an SBC member you can also enjoy expert guidance on how to make your betting a success with our Pro Betting Fundamentals section, real-life Bet Diary Pro blog on running a tipster portfolio and access to several exclusive Massive Tipster Savings.

Those of you on a budget can also get started by following any of the top performing Free Tipsters you are offered access to as part of your SBC membership.

Why Was WinnerOdds Inducted Into The Hall Of Fame?

SBC initially reviewed WinnerOdds in June 2019, recommending the service to members. Since that time SBC have continued to diligently monitor the progress of WinnerOdds and ultimately decided in October 2019 to elevate WinnerOdds to Hall of Fame status – SBC’s highly exclusive shortlist of proven and recommended tipster services.

Here is how SBC explained the October 2019 Hall of Fame induction:

Winner Odds is the very high volume tennis tipster we first reviewed back in SBC 111 from June 2019, whereby at their average odds and backing all of their tips we had seen an 8% ROI and 1941% growth since 2016.

Since then and in the months between the original review cut-off point and now, they have added a further 485 points @ 7.47% ROI from 6391 ‘official bets’.

Of course, it is this HUGE number of monthly bets which is one of the key points for this service as realistically you are not going to be able to place every single one. Whether it be simply down to time or the fact that not every bet is going to be backable with the bookmaker accounts you hold.

However, as our SBC 111 review revealed – during our tracking we found a high proportion of bets were obtainable with some standout bookmakers – for example 50% with Bet365 for over an hour after release and 27% with Pinnacle. So, whilst you won’t be able to get every single bet, you will be able to get enough to make it work for you and generate a high level of turnover.

Ahead of considering joining Winner Odds, it is imperative that you read the detailed review from SBC 111 to learn more and if they might be suitable for you. If you have the time available, then this is an excellent service to follow.

In the exhaustive June 2019 initial review, SBC answered a wide range of questions such as:

  • How many of the bets are still available one hour after being published?
  • Which is the difference in ROI between the faster users and the average users?

And a host of other questions prospective members might have.

For all the analysis and answers, you can download the full review here:

Smart Betting Club WinnerOdds Analysis

How Can I Use The Smart Betting Club To My Advantage?

WinnerOdds Recommends the Smart Betting Club

Here at WinnerOdds we are huge enthusiasts of diversifying your betting portfolio.

In the same way that it is optimal to diversify your bets among multiple bookmakers, it is equally advisable to add other proven and verified betting services to your portfolio, to compliment the recommendations of WinnerOdds.

For that reason here at WinnerOdds we prefer to encourage other profitable services, rather than compete with them.

But finding reliable services can be difficult, this is where the Smart Betting Club comes in. With help from member fees they are able to maintain their professional analysis service, and do all the hard work for those members.

If you are interested in using the Smart Betting Club to diversify your portfolio, they have included a discount for WinnerOdds members below.

As part of a special offer for Winner Odds readers, you can save 5% on the cost of a quarterly SBC membership or 15% on the cost of an Annual SBC membership.

This offer is valid throughout November 2019.

Save 5% on Quarterly Membership – Enter the coupon code WINNER during the checkout process and 5% will be automatically deducted on a quarterly subscription to the Smart Betting Club.

Save 15% on Annual Membership – Enter the coupon code ODDS during the checkout process and 15% will be automatically deducted on an annual subscription to the Smart Betting Club.

Click here to Subscribe

Best of all, membership to the Smart Betting Club comes with either a 30 or 90-day
money back guarantee, whereby if not satisfied for any reason with the service, you can claim a full refund no questions asked.


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