WO 3.0 – The fastest and easiest to use Value Betting App

WO 3.0 - The fastest and easiest to use Value Betting App|The fastest and easiest to use Value Betting App|WO 3.0 - La App de Apuestas de Valor más rápida y más fácil de utilizar.|||||

You’ve been asking us for more sports, more markets, and to be more liquid, more bookmakers monitored, more predictions… and that the odds hold until you get there and can get your stake in without any problems or limitations. Right?

Well, it has not been easy. Especially in a system like WinnerOdds that calculates its own odds for each event before the bookmakers even publish their odds.

Above all, there were two fundamental impediments.

  1. How to create a unique and mobile multi-sport design without losing our essence of seeing the odds of all the bookmakers available in a single line per event.
  2. How to make it easier for you to be as fast as possible taking advantage of each bet but at the same time trying to maintain and update the same information for the rest of WO users.

These questions have marked our way since we launched 2 years ago the last big update of WinnerOdds.

And this is the result.

WinnerOdds 3.0

Objective: A new, faster App, updated in real time and designed to offer new sports and new markets.

The fastest and easiest to use Value Betting App


Odds 3.0 is developed entirely in React.js, a 100% open source JavaScript library specifically for building real-time interfaces.

To give an example known to all, Instagram is based 100% on this technology.

For the development of WO 3.0 we have been working with a team of 5 people during the last months, 3 engineers and 2 designers being part of the team.

This is a complete renovation of our Value Betting page that includes, among others, the following features and functionalities:


More information for the user and better updated (in less space).

The layout of the information is essential to be able to quickly understand what needs to be done and execute the action in the shortest possible time.

And in that arrangement, space is vital.

The more information, well structured, in the least possible space and updated, the better:

  • Odds and stakes updated in real time without the need to refresh the page.
  • The odds of the rival disappear to have more space and only show the essential information.
  • Arrows indicating the movement of odds in real time.

WO 3.0 - The fastest and easiest to use Value Betting App


  • Graphs with pre-match odds movements for each betIMAGE
  • Updated and cleaner tracking page, with new filters to check your betting history.


Betting speed.

When taking advantage of the advantage we have over the bookmakers, speed is the key.

From the moment we receive the notice of a new forecast until we complete the bet, every second is gold.

  • Faster loading app


Same forecasting interface for any sport and all in the same App.

WinnerOdds was released in March 2016 as a Tennis value betting software based on the calculation of probabilities through an Artificial Intelligence algorithm.

Its first design included only 5 monitored bookmakers, the information of the Minimum Profitable Share and the odds of the bookmakers that can be updated by pressing the “F5” key.

The challenge has been to find the best way to include them in a single line:

  • Any sport or market
  • The full range of odds available to each user
  • Totalize betting tool
  • New mobile phone integrated in the App for the bookies, bankroll and general options pages.


More bookmakers

  • Drag & scroll to see all active bookmakers on a single line


With this qualitative upgrade in our system, and with more and more bookmakers at our disposal to find odds with value, we will be able to exploit the value provided by the WinnerOdds algorithm.

And from now on more than ever with new sports and more than 50 bookmakers available.

It is true that we cannot guarantee positive results in the short term, even though we have been generating profit for 4 years now.

That’s why we have the betting history. So that you can see it. With its ups and downs.

But WinnerOdds today is worth more than ever, that we can assure you.

Trying it, staying with the doubt or going around trying to find another betting tool, all in one and based on the self calculation of probabilities by means of algorithms of Artificial Intelligence… that already depends on you.

For those who want to know how professionals bet.

Click here to start.


But also, as some people say, we are so far ahead that if you don’t make a profit in 30 days we will give you your money back.

We will keep that guarantee.

But we are not full of ourselves, we just trust our system. It’s that simple.


If you have any questions, see you below in the comments.

And if we have earned your trust. You know…

Click here to start


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Miguel Figueres
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